Table of Contents

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2019.12.02

Table of Contents

@Chung (Blockchain Developer)

  • Fixed UI on @BigDipper. Open PR for @ for code review
  • Next stage chain development, ISCN architecture development research
  • Designing mechanism of Super Like feature
  • Integrated all real time algorithm data flow
  • Monitor of the real time Like algorithm, better deployment on data flow and unit testing

@William (Full Stack Developer)

  • Cosmos migration, urgent bugs from QA bugs
  • Smooth migration process, migration script, around 400 users will have a problematic sign in
  • 50k users has already migrated to Authcore, with 400 have login problem

@David (Front End Developer)

  • Fill in all missing UI components
  • Pushing iOS app to App store. Implemented subscription creation and description. Approved app to App Store
  • Fixed reported bugs from last week
  • Working on outstanding UI migration

@Phoebe (Business Development)

  • Completed migration text and translation
  • Content creation. Composed and sent LikeCoin chain emails to users. Continued to optimise content for users who are not familiar with Blockchain.
  • Published Token Migration Announcements with BitAsset and MyETHShop.
  • Published Medium article on why we decided to build LikeCoin chain from Ethereum to Cosmos.
  • QA testing on Liker Land app

@Edmond (Operations)

  • Data report: Civic Likers: 910. 3k daily active users, slightly dropped. Related to the society atmosphere of the past week. Result in DAU dropped
  • Helped on app QA, and the migration system
  • UI Translation from English to Chinese TC & SC
  • Launched a short video on Facebook. Working with Standnews to drive continue effort to cross promote on their page

@Joshkiu (Designer)

  • Designed several feature images for articles and promotion
  • App store app preview is published
  • Decided to use WordPress template for upcoming about LikeCoin on Next step will choose a template and conduct basic design for it
  • QA on Liker Land app
  • Fiona (freelance) working on ads with stand news

@阿魯德克 (System Architect)

  • Continue working on chain migration
  • Reviewing ISCN architecture
  • Worked on real time civil liker distribution
  • Research customised IPMA plug in

@ckxpress (Founder)

  • Spent the past week in Taipei. Attended AppWork #19 demo day.
  • Liker Land related product research. Had a discussion with the founder of Maskbook to explore potential partnership re Chrome extension.
  • Liker Land and related road map in 2020 (details to be explained separately)
  • Met with a few stakeholders to explain Republic of Liker Land and delegating

@Daisy (Community volunteer)

  • Reviewing the articles for newbie village to make sure they are align with the new launch of LikeCoin chain