Table of Contents

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2019.12.09

Table of Contents

@Chung (Blockchain Developer)

  • Migrated accounts of LikeCoin ERC-20 from LikeCoin Foundation to LikeCoin chain
  • Working on LikeCoin ERC-20 transaction poller problem, which affects token migration
  • Continue research on LikeCoin chain future development
  • Will rewrite poller

@michaels (Developer)

  • Started code review on data pipeline (Cloud Dataflow)
  • Checked and re-indexed data after new data flow deployment
  • Finished clearing of November with MyETHShop
  • Temporary fixed query BitAsset API issue
  • Built a full cert for BitAsset API
  • Shall continue code review on data flow and related clean up task, such as optimization of Big Query, unit testing, linting

@William (Full Stack Developer)

  • Deployed and released Cosmos chain related API and sites
  • Helped resolving migration page and issue reported by QA/CS
  • Helped debugging TX poller issue
  • Fixed account data out-sync with Matters after migration
  • Fixed audit suggestion on migration page
  • Released a WordPress plugin version that shows new wallet address instead
  • Implemented refresh token hack in Liker Land app to resolve frequent sign out issue
  • Integrated Intercom in app, and related user attributes update as required in user analysis

@David (Front End Developer)

@Edmond (Operations)

Statistics report of last 7 days:

This is the first week since LikeCoin chain was launched. LikeCoin button’s conversion funnel’s statistics is not ready.

  • Liker Land (Civic Liker Conversion) successful registration rate: 1.8% (> 28 days average +0.47%)
  • Liker Land app download (last 7 days): iOS 385, Android 257, total 642
  • LikeCoin button DAU is around 250,000
  • Civic Liker: 918
  • Last 14 days new user registration trend:
    – Dropped 50% after 2/12
    – Taiwan’s registration is more than Hong Kong

Insight: To save the dropping of registration rate, the Authcore flow must be fixed, top priority.

  • Write documentation for 1/3 of the week, will continue this week
  • Will prepare and promote two events
  • Following up with the 3 Media including Standnews, CitizenNews
  • Working with @William to have the log/stat/flags ready
  • Will feedback customer inquiries
  • Planning to have campaign for Civic Liker ASAP
  • Will remind Validators to update their logos and description on LikeCoin chain block explorer

@Phoebe (Business Development)

  • Translated first batch of migration FAQ on help desk
  • Published Migration announcement in English and Chinese
  • Confirmed with BitAsset re reward campaign
  • Confirmed to submit new listing for LikeCoin on Coingecko and rename old LikeCoin to LikeCoin ERC-20

@Joshkiu (Designer)

  • Designed artworks and feature images for promotion and articles.
  • Prepared a press kit including Logos and other assets
  • Chose a WordPress template for
  • Made several feedbacks to Enyk, about the sign-in/up UI of Authcore
  • Will brainstorm and develop some design ideas and wireframe based on last week product meeting

@阿魯德克 (System Architect)

  • Developed and reviewed data pipeline (Cloud Dataflow)
  • Brainstorm and draft the story on Like mechanism with discuss another team
  • Research on IPFS & IPLD

@ckxpress (Founder)

  • Meeting with early believers, helping LikeCoin migration, but encountered issues on Ledger Cosmos app 1.5.5
  • Explained the roadmap and product design and followed up @阿魯德克, @Chung & @Joshkiu
  • Will call for validators meeting next week

@Daisy (Community volunteer)

  • Updated newbie articles to reflect the new sign up procedures
  • Will take up the newsletter for every Monday
  • Working on post listing
  • Will try to write new procedures to exchange LikeCoin with HKD for MyETHShop

# minutes jotted by @David