LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2019.12.30

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Active Civic Liker surpassed 1000. Active LikeCoin WordPress plugin installations surpassed 700.

@Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics (difference from previous week):

  • Number of LikeCoin wallets which have received LikeCoin: 5,169 (+288)
  • Total number of transactions on LikeCoin chain: 31,356 (+8,612)
  • Migrated LikeCoin from ERC-20 LikeCoin: 228,577,615.1346 LIKE (+ 6,151,614.9385)
  • Number of ERC-20 addresses still owning LikeCoin: 15,706 (-49)
  • Delegated tokens: ~186,960,000 LIKE (+5,090,000), 81.79% of migrated LikeCoin

Previoius week:

This week:

  • Will continue LikeCoin chain related research and tidy up documents
  • Design LikeCoin chain related API
  • Researched on LikeCoin chain future development

@michaels (Developer)

Previous week:

  • Followed AWS instruction to deploy EKS and deploy Elastic stack on it.
  • Tested official Elasitc cloud k8s deployment and decided to use Open Distro for Elasticsearch because there is no watcher in former one.
  • Fixed Civic Liker bug that 2 users did not receive LikeCoin during migration in 2/12.
  • Tried to optimize Civic Liker distribution service by handling smaller sequence tx first in the poller.

This week:

  • Production config and test Open Distro for Elasticsearch and related migration

@William (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week:

  • continue to work on updating dependency
  • added auto close in civic liker page for matters
  • discussion with Authcore on priority issue, also fixed some bug introduced earlier
  • updated Slack command for operation use

This week:

  • will continue to update dependency
  • plan to add automated build to Liker Land app
  • research into improve our codebase with typescript and graphql

@David (Front End Developer)

Previous week:

  • Updated the UI of the app reader feed and added content loader for loading feeds

This week:

  • Will submit app version 0.12.0 for Apple review
  • Will implement the bookmark list in app and the dedicated follow toggle
  • Will update home page and about page of

@Edmond (Operations)

Previous week:

  • Last week’s focus is the Christmas promotion campaign. The most updated Civic Liker no: 1,029, + 6% comparing to last week, the result of the campaign is satisfactory.
  • A rise is observed in the LikeCoin button funnel data last week, registration completion rate rise for 2.82% which is not bad. However, the reason of the drop between AuthCoreDialogLoaded and AuthCoreSignin Success is still unknown (-47.3%), need to be found out asap.
  • MSIE 11 problem is still there leading to the drop of 13.1% from ShowAuthDialog to AuthCoreDialogLoaded event

App download:

  • Last 7 days: iOS 133, Android 76
  • Since launched: iOS 852, Android 542
  • Daily active Liker keep at the same level, 7d 675 ppls

This week:

  • Stories on social media, mainly on Civic Liker and governance
  • Civic Liker packages enhancement – contact bookstores and restaurant (one store already confirmed: Chinese book 10% off, Eng book 5% off)
  • New ads for InMedia, StandNews and Matters, aim at brand promotion, try to boost daily active Liker

@Phoebe (Business Development)

Last week:

  • submitted Cosmos project listing to Cosmos
  • Continue to communicate with Liquid and Coin gecko on listing
  • Gathered website revamp requirements
  • Recruiting volunteer for community service on 3rd Jan
  • Reviewing final draft on Google Innovation Fund application with Matters

@Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Previous week:

  • last week finalized changing on, pending development.
  • also making a improvement for app QR code scanner to support image import

This week:

  • continue the design of writer and Civic Liker report

@阿魯德克 (System Architect)

Previous week:

  • IPFS internal research
  • Comparing on IPLD format for ISCN
  • Some discussion on AWS Elasticsearch deployment and data pipeline

@ckxpress (Product Manager)

Previous week:

  • [WordCamp Taipei 2019] prepared and made a sharing on “404 Not Found is commonly known, but have you seen 402?”
  • [WordCamp Taipei 2019] around 200 audiences and with good response. Should pay more attention to other WordCamp
  • Continue to help token sale buyers to migrate LikeCoin and install Liker Land app.

This week:

  • 2019 annual report, 2020 plannings

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