LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.01.13

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First ever proposal of Republic of Liker Land in the making

Recording of LikeCoin meeting 2020.01.13

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  • Chung, Michael, William, Tat, Edmond, Phoebe, Joshkiu, Aludirk, kin


  • Weekly updates
  • AOB

@Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics (difference from previous week):

  • Number of LikeCoin wallets which have received LikeCoin: 5,690 (+219)
  • Total number of transactions on LikeCoin chain: 51,769 (+13,599)
  • Migrated LikeCoin from LikeCoin ERC-20: 281,970,449.9772 LIKE (+13,755,855.0326)
  • Number of ERC-20 addresses still owning LikeCoin: 15,622 (-22)
  • Delegated tokens: ~240,840,000 LIKE (+15,290,000), 85.41% of migrated LikeCoin

Previous week:

  • Tidying up LikeCoin chain related documents
  • Discuss IPFS internal with @阿魯德克

This week:

  • Continue on documents and IPFS research

@michaels (Developer)

Previous week:

  • Temp fixed unfinished Civic Liker transaction bug in distribution service
  • Resent unfinished Civic Liker transaction for recovery
  • Rewrote the flow to send Civic Liker transaction in distribution service

This week:

  • Add watchers for Elasticsearch to monitor errors in distribution service
  • Continue new Elasticsearch cluster migration

@William (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week:

  • Research on sending LikeCoin to unregistered guest feature
  • Discovered a bug causing ~6000 Civic Liker tx to stuck. Spent a night to fix the stuck tx and later helped review the proposed fix
  • Added some analytics events to help better understand user behaviour and design issue in Liker Land app
  • Fixed some bugs in and, help improved Liker Land app startup performance

This week:

  • Continue to fix bugs found in Liker Land app and improve the code written last week

@David (Front End Developer)

Previous week:

  • Updated home page and about page of
  • Finished and updated the bookmark UI
  • Added Civic Liker halo over the avatar in Liker Land
  • Replaced Liker ID with user display name in reader feeds
  • Resolved the balance out-sync issue after undelegating
  • Discovered and mitigated major issue in the latest production version 0.12.4, the cookies are lost after the app quit, causing empty following list, will publish 0.13 soon

This week:

  • Investigate the cookies issue in top priority
  • Continue to work on the Liker Land app, will add explicit follow toggle & redelegation

@Edmond (Operations)

Previous week:

  • Civic Liker no.: 1046, The trend of Civic Like registration keeps going down after the Christmas boost
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.01.13
  • No significant change on LikeCoin button conversion funnel
  • Civic Liker registration completion rate reached a new 3-month low of 0.4%
  • New app download: iOS 117, Android 68
  • Two community members started to contact the bookstores in Taipei, Taoyuen and Xinbei, and target 5 stores to join
  • Community helper (Daisy) started to tweet English version FB posts
  • Setup an English email campaign about LikeCoin chain for English Likers
  • Help to prepare on the LNY promotion campaign’s materials
  • There may be some problems for “Facebook for Android 222” on the Civic Liker page, as the conversion CivicClickRegister step keep ZERO in past 90 days
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.01.13

This week:

  • There should be an update from enyk early this week to enable more detailed data collected from the conversion funnel
  • Should line up a discussion between enyk and LikeCoin product design and work out a continuous improvement about registration conversion path
  • Use tools and bots to help to post on Twitter and Telegram about project news
  • Prepare for the CNY campaign launch on 20 Jan
  • Will improve statistics dashboard for better exposure
  • Work with Matters team for their Medium-target promotion campaign
  • Will try out some bold tests for the registration page on Civic Liker to improve the conversion rate

@Phoebe (Business Development)

Last week:

  • Submitted Google Innovation Fund application
  • Drafted the first draft of LikeCoin One Pager

This week:

  • Research and draft a checklist of fund applications and deadline
  • Finialize the One pager for outreach

@Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Previous week:

  • Finalised design and production for poster, A6 promotion card and stickers (will provide a photo later)
  • Drawn sketches and wireframe for Civic Liker and writer report feature

This week:

  • Follow up the designs and production of promotion materials
  • Continue to design on the report feature, expecting to finalise a solid solution within the week
  • Will start to revamp
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.01.13

@阿魯德克 (System Architect)

Previous week:

  • Finished the IPLD format PoC, confirmed to use CBOR as the encoding format

This week:

  • The public gateway need to use an extremely long time to discover the content, will research on it
  • Will research on storage plugin, the target is using IAVL tree as storage

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

Previous week:

  • Interviewed by Business Next (數位時代) and also been preparing with them the community event this Wednesday.
  • Joined the annual dinner from AppWork, accidentally won a lucky draw of 10,000 TWD. Shall use it to buy LikeCoin and distribute to AppWork Mafia
  • Attended event about disinformation with some scholars from Taiwan University, and will follow up to have another sharing to the graduate students on LikeCoin
  • Follow up with Matters about the new policy which prohibits new users from Liking stories. Agreed to take it away.
  • published 《漂流教室 II — 從價值到價格
  • Pushing to validators and community the LikeCoin chain proposal:

1. Commission range from 40%-60%

2. Accommodate up to 10 validators

3. Open to public to join as validators. Top 10 delegated validators will be valid.