LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.03

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Gong Hey Fat Choy — Red Pocket in LikeCoin


  • Community volunteers to organize our weekly progress updates or translate it into their local languages

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  • Chung, Michael, William, Tat, Edmond, Phoebe, Joshkiu, Aludirk, kin


  • Weekly updates
  • AOB

@Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics (difference from previous week):

  • Number of LikeCoin wallets which have received LikeCoin: 6,489 (+651)
  • Total number of transactions on LikeCoin chain: 78,292 (+17,948)
  • Migrated LikeCoin from LikeCoin ERC-20: 313,599,364.4105 LIKE (+865,347.0033), seems slowing down
  • Number of ERC-20 addresses still owning LikeCoin: 15,593 (-29)
  • Delegated tokens: ~246,970,000 LIKE (+5,720,000), 78.75% of migrated LikeCoin (+1.61%)
  • Given majority of active Likers have migrated, will stop updating the figures regarding migration in the meeting since next week

Previous week:

  • Fixed the PR to Big Dipper for self delegation token number display

This week:

  • Investigate LikeCoin button SDK

@michaels (Developer)

Previous week:

  • Updated Telegram bot to push daily notification in LikeCoin channel
  • was working on new plugin to send nginx log with Filebeat to AWS-hosted Elasticsearch

This week:

  • Fix connection issue in filebeat plugin when sending nginx log
  • Discuss and develop api for Tom to use in exchanges

@William (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week:

  • Discussed feature requirements with Authcore
  • Discussed api/lib directions with tech
  • Fixed Liker Land A/B test library bug
  • was working on Liker Land browser extension, got stuck when working on some Liker Land api changes

This week:

  • will complete first working prototype extension these days
  • will work on like pay lib/api research after

@David (Front End Developer)

Previous week:

  • Launched Liker Land App version 0.14.0 (160) on both platforms, with the redelegation feature
  • Implemented AB test on /civic page in, but we didn’t receive any test data until last Friday after patching the AB test module
  • Relocated the wallet screen into settings

This week:

  • Fine tuning layout after wallet screen relocation
  • Will try to integrate Authcore profile and settings screen inside the app
  • Will implement the follow/unfollow toggle on the feed to complete the Stage 0 of the app development
  • Will spare some time to implement revamped /civic page once the design is ready

@Edmond (Operations)

Previous week:

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.03
  • Current Civic Liker no.: 1075, the weekly trend shows a horizontal move.
  • The Lunar New Year red pocket campaign has finished. The campaign has triggered 168 new app downloads, average cost per download is 418 LikeCoin.
  • 118 new Civic Likers has joint after the Christmas campaign. The performance of the LNY campaign is poorer than the Christmas campaign in general.
  • A mild uprise of daily registration number is observed, from 150 to 200.
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.03
  • A/B test is finally on for /civic page, collected around 800 samples, will start another test on Wednesday.

This week:

  • follow up the new Standnews Facebook post boost
  • follow up Tina’s video, the first version is already delivered
  • Liker Land and LikeCoin button’s funnel optimisation
  • Creators and Civic Liker onboard program optimisation
  • Distribution of LNY red pocket campaign

@Phoebe (Business Development)

Last week:

  • Kickstarted Newsletter on Substack updates last week. It will be in English and technology focused. The purpose is to mainly drive outreach effort and introduce LikeCoin to broader audience and direct people to our Medium for further reads. The content of the newsletter is mainly about Developers, Product & Project News
  • Next step for Newsletter:
  • 1. Announce newsletter arrangement on Medium and social media
  • 2. Reach out to another batch of new emails
  • 3. Schedule Feb newsletters
  • Refined fund raising direction to prepare for 2021 runway with Kin. Top priority funding source:
  • – crowd funding
  • – open source
  • – technology
  • Second priority: potential social enterprise partnership for Non-profit funds
  • will kick off crowd funding conversation with the community in Feb.
  • Looking for one more exchange to list in Q1. Wrap up research and due diligence by the end of Feb.

This week:

  • Continue to set up automated email workflow to outreach potential users who have not registered yet.

@Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Previous week:

  • Completed first version of /civic page revamp

This week:

  • Will continue to phone version design
  • Will design details and icons after copywriting confirmed

@阿魯德克 (System Architect)

Previous week:

  • Upgraded IPFS to v0.4.23 for PoC
  • was developing dynamic GO library plugin for the ISCN IPLD
  • Tackled the issue that cannot identify the ISCN block data

This week:

  • Continue the development of dynamic GO library plugin
  • PoC on storing ISCN block to Cosmos SDK store

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

Previous week:

  • continue to promote Liker Land proposal #1 to increase number of validators, loosen the entry barrier and provide flexibility for commission ratio. Expect to formally propose within this week.
  • co-pitched World Press Freedom Conference 2020 successfully, happening in Apr in Amsterdam. Topic is “Fight for Press Freedom: Independent Journalism Initiatives in Hong Kong”, led by Gwyneth Ho and with panel members Annie Zhang, Rose Luqiu and myself.
  • shall pitch for a topic to introduce LikeCoin in Creative Commons summit, May in Lisbon
  • Taipei book exhibition got postponed to May but shall go Taipei for a week as planned. Shall have 2 podcast recording, one event and a few meetings
  • published an article re the management rationale of LikeCoin team, titled “Radical Management”: 基進管理:從遙距辦公談起