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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.24

Table of Contents

Congratulations Tat!

Welcome to our next meeting


  • Michael, William, Edmond, Phoebe, JoshKiu, Aludirk, Kin, Sarah, Heidi


  • Weekly updates


Last week

  • Drafted data storage structure and query flow for new stat report for Civic Liker and writer. After discussion with Aludirk, we decided to split the task into two phases. In phase 1, we will query data from Elasticsearch as hot data storage. In phase 2, we will add other database as permanent and warm data storage for very old data.
  • Started phase 1 task and also testing.

This week

  • Will start phase 2’s draft and implementation.

William Chong (Full Stack Developer)

  • Wrote developer docs in
  • Improved and deployed a fix which allow us to sync new user avatar with matters
  • Also sync all user avatar for current matters user who have a liker id but no avatar in
  • Found some Liker Land related issue, talked to authcore to fix some of them.
  • Register dialog should load much faster now due to authcore fix and our prefetch hack
  • Listed one of the bug on gitcoin, , unexpected interest from many workers. Currently a worker is already working on a fix and I will continue to communicate with him
  • Started working on LIKE pay SDK MVP for receiving money, done some basic scaffold and QRCode generation, will deal with data format and liker land app support this week
  • Will release a minor browser extension update for icon and ux improvement
  • Will investigate how to integrate intercom alternative into
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.24

Edmond Yu (Operations)

Statistics sharing

  • Both registration and active likers number shows a mild, short-term dropping trend. it is because the KPI performed abnormally outstanding last Thursday (Feb 20), triggered by an incident about Tencent forum shutdown.
  • Both the spike of Feb 5, Feb 20 shows that our KPIs are greatly affected by social incidents.
  • App new download(7d): iOS: 127 units, Android 94. Civic Liker total: 1128
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.24

Previous week

  • Revamped the strategy of email campaign and sent newsletter to more relevant users only instead of broadcasting to all users. The statistics of the revamped campaign is shown below.
  • The newsletter to cooled-down users was postponed to this week as there was an unresolved billing issue in mailchimp account.
  • Suspended the daily Facebook and Twitter post listing, save resources for evaluation and research. New strategy was being discussed, experiments were carried out during the weekend.
  • Resumed the suspended post boost banned by Facebook last week and led a momentum of Civic Liker registration intake.
  • Updated gitbook with the help of volunteer.

Coming week

  • Improve the performance of the new Civic Liker landing page
  • Finish updating gitbook Chinese version
  • Confirm and execute new social media posting strategy
  • Evaluate new CRM solution
  • Promote the new on chain proposal
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.24

Phoebe (Business developer)

  • Back from AL. Catching up meeting records and project status.
  • Draft and send out third outreach email this week.
  • Continue conversation with Liquid on listing

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Previous week

  • Finalized UI for stat features
  • Also designed the handling for users who are Not Civic Likers or Not writers

This week

  • Will design handling on Liker Land app, if Likers reach the bookmark limit
  • Will reorganize the improve suggestion on the Authcore login UI , will be send to Enky on early this week
  • Will participate meeting with Enky
  • Will base on Edmond’s finding, make adjustment on the /civic UI to improve conversion rate
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.02.24

Aludirk (System Architect)

Last week

  • Review the ISCN-Cosmos-IPLD PoC and decide the later implementation of LikeCoin chain with IPFS
  • Further study on the topic about decentralized IPFS indexing
  • Prepare the sharing session about IPFS

This week

  • Draft ISCN spec
  • Apply OSCon
  • Prepare the sharing session about IPFS
  • Draft an article about the PoC

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

  • have Matters raised the very first proposal of Republic of Liker Land –
  • shall continue to follow up with all validators this week and accumulate enough deposit by Thursday to enter into voting period
  • conducted interview with Google News Initiative and submitted further materials. Result will be out within March 🤞
  • met with g0vhk and discussed hackathon
  • released a previously recorded Podcast on Business Next –
  • liaised with Authcore to follow up various improvements
  • following up with Liquid regarding the potential collaboration on Quick Exchange
  • did some basic research on replacement of Intercom, which has become far too expensive. In particular, considering Helpcrunch