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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain proposal #1 passed

LikeCoin chain proposal #1 passed with 78.63% of the online voting power voted, thereby relaxing validator requirements to transform LikeCoin chain to a permissionless, BPoS mechanism.

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16
Teach & Learn Wednesday. Aludirk giving a IPFS sharing session.

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  • Chung, Michael, William, Tat, Edmond, Phoebe, Joshkiu, Aludirk, Kin


  • Weekly updates
  • AOB

Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain stats on 2020.03.16 (vs. last report on 2020.03.09)

  • Number of Addresses: 7,992 (+239)
  • Number of Transactions: 137,213 (+12,348)
  • Number of Delegated Tokens: ~253,150,000 LIKE (+10,000)

(Data and chart are logged here)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16

Previous week

This week

  • Continue upgrade Cosmos SDK version
  • Research on automatic upgrade mechanism
  • Minting mechanism by recording Civic Liker records

Michael (Developer)

Previous week

  • Deployed daily LikeCoin distribution and report delivery automation
  • Implemented monthly report for Civic Liker and writer

This week

  • Continue work on monthly report
  • Add poller to alert new Creators Funds transaction

William Chong (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week

  • Added auto apk build in Github release using Github action
  • Fixed some minor bug on LikeCoin button/API
  • Showed Demo LIKE pay lib to team, wrote some documentation, will continue on this stage of progress
  • Changed and other onboard UX according to authcore new release, deployed these change and deployed first A/B test for register dialog, still running
  • Deployed crisp on testnet for intercom alternative
  • Finished multisend PoC in web wallet of testnet, need comment on UX and technical details

This week

  • Continue to work on web version payment and finish the first version for matters

Ng Wing Tat (David) (Front End Developer)

Previous week

  • Updated the UI of follow toggle and bookmarks
  • Reverted the variant of last AB test and conducted another test on Civic Liker entry page specifically for desktop only
  • Cleared all review comments on supporting JSON QR Code on the app
  • Fixed email display layout for iOS Mail app
  • Made Authcore settings screen PR ready for review

This week

  • Will do a quick update on
  • Will finish the share extension integration on Android
  • Will implement statistic screens on the app

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Previous week

  • Designed most of the monthly report email

This week

  • Will finish up the monthly report email
  • Will pick up the Civic Liker registration funnel improvement and A/B

Aludirk (System Architect)

Previous week

This week

  • Work on ISCN specs, schema & IPLD

Edmond Yu (Operations)

Statistics review

  • Civic Liker conversion rate resumed

— The first step (click register) conversion rate of Civic Liker registration have been dropping significantly since 24 Feb, but has resumed to normal last week after fixing the advertising strategy

—Lesson learnt: Ad as the funnel entrance should be considered

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16

Index that had a horizontal growth

— Daily active likers : ~1000

— Daily registration: ~300 Liker ID

— Weekly new Civic Liker: 45

— LikeCoin button conversion rate: ~10%

Liker Land App

  • Last 7 days new downloads. iOS: 30 units, Android: 40 units

New Liker ID registration

  • Daily registration: 270 new IDs on average

Social Media Index

  • Twitter (diagram below): not bad. Performance per post is up, will keep the direction and move on in next 2 weeks.
  • Facebook: overall better than 28 days ago, but worse than 14 days ago
  • The bookstore promotion post is the best post we have published for driving up engagement, but it also suppressed the conversion rate of Civic Liker landing page. Need to visit the funnel flow for the ADs in future.
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.16

Previous week

Social Media Marketing

  • Fixed conversion funnel drop of Liker Land. Lesson learnt: should separate the design and goals of engagement campaign and sales conversion campaign.
  • A newsletter has been sent about the LikeCoin chain proposal status. Open/click: 32.3%/0.3% (cooled-down Likers) by mailchimp, 18%/0.4% (active Likers) by Intercom, average clicks on get-app, further readings, Big Dipper proposal page.
  • Fixed the source, medium, campaign name and content fields in most outreach for better tracking mainly on Google Analytics
  • Participated in the g0v hackathon, had some meaningful dialogues, will follow up with some volunteers

This week

  • Spot out key influencers with Liker ID, study their background and try to promote on their network if possible (or at least to serve them better)
  • Evaluate Crisp as an alternative of Intercom
  • Newsletter/Posts about Matters 1mil social fund campaign
  • Enhance tracking, FB ad
  • Drive an A/B test on the 2nd step of Liker Land funnel

Phoebe Poon (Business Development)

  • Drafted Forbole Interview article, wrap up details today
  • Drafted newsletter on LikeCoin chain proposal for today
  • Participle g0v online hackathon in reference for LikeCoin hackathon. Plan to draft a LikeCoin ‘how to get involved’ document
  • Posted a Matters article on joining the LikeCoin team
  • QE integration postponed to 21 March
  • Working on SIE fund proposal draft

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

Previous week

  • Posted an article on Liker Land governance for LikeCoin proposal lobbying —
  • LikeCoin chain proposal #1 — as of now, 5 out of 7 validators have voted, all Yes.
  • So the proposal will most likely be passed within today. Shall encourage potential new validators to set up their nodes asap.
  • Feel extremely sorry for not having hedged our BTC & ETH in hand so that our runway significantly dropped after market down turn.
  • World Press Freedom Conference delayed to Oct.
  • Checked out a few office spaces, signed with the least expensive one and settled. Special thanks to The Loft for their kind discount.
  • Joined the meeting of to encourage community building DApp on LikeCoin chain
  • Participated in g0v online hackathon and started LikeCoin as a new 坑. About 25 people joined #likecoin channel on g0v Slack