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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23

Table of Contents

10 validators seats are filled. The validator ecosystem is expected to become more vibrant.

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Zoom meeting. LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23


  • Chung, Michael, William, Tat, Edmond, Phoebe, Joshkiu, Aludirk, Kin


  • Weekly updates
  • AOB

Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain stats on 2020.03.23 (vs. last report on 2020.03.16)

  • Number of Addresses: 8,999 (+307)
  • Number of Transactions: 150,550 (+13,337)
  • Number of Delegated Tokens: 253,420,000 LIKE (+270,000), 77.6% of migrated tokens

(Data and chart are logged here)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23

Previous week

  • Upgrade of Cosmos SDK version for LikeCoin chain was suspended
  • Proposal #1 passed, helped some validators to setup validator nodes
  • Held a Zoom tutorial on how to setup validator nodes

This week

  • Development of ISCN on LikeCoin chain
  • Discussion on validity of proof of existence with chain upgrades
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23
Teach & Learn Wednesday. Zoom tutorial on how to setup validator nodes

Michael (Developer)

Previous week

  • Implement monthly report

This week

  • Fix monthly report review from Kiu
  • Update documentation for Elasticsearch and dataflow

William Chong (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week

This week

  • Debug issues with ses and emails
  • Deal with changes for payment methods
  • Research into app referral bonus feature.

Ng Wing Tat (David) (Front End Developer)

Previous week

  • Finished a quick update on
  • Finished the share extension integration on Android, Brave browser support in iOS and added a loading indicator
  • Updated sign in screen UI with new design
  • Reverted the last AB test and conducted new test with horizontal flipped layout in Civic Liker entry page

This week

  • Will implement statistic screens on the app
  • Will spend time on AB test for Stripe payment flow

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Previous week

  • Had internal discussion to speed up the road map for Liker Land app
  • Finished design of monthly report email
  • Modified the app for support for inactive validators

This week

  • Will sort out and propose a new road map for Liker Land app
  • Will participate in further discussion on A/B tests

One More Thing (two actually)

  • Final touching the Monthly report email, team please respond
  • Should talk with enky on Authcore feedback

Aludirk (System Architect)

Previous week

This week

  • Work on ISCN specs, schema & IPLD

Edmond Yu (Operations)

Statistics review

— The first step (click register) conversion rate of Civic Liker registration presents a mild increasing trend

— Lacking a way to track the annual payment user, making the last two figures not meaningful.

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23

A boost in Civic Liker registration

  • A boost is observed in Civic Liker registration last week (70 registrations), which almost catch up last season’s record.
  • Preliminary observation about the cause of boost: a better advertising strategy and nurture marketing email campaign.
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23

Source and Medium tracking

  • 25% of the total traffic is direct traffic which is much healthier than a week ago (>50%). Similarly, we need a way to track the annual fee registration goal.

Social Media Index

  • We are trying to improve the post quality and formulate a new social media strategy in the past month. Here is the per post performance for the past 4 weeks.
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.23

Liker Land App

  • Last 7 days new downloads. iOS & Android: 231units

Other index

  • Daily active likers : ~ 950 (a mild decrease of 5%)
  • Daily registration: ~300 Liker ID, keep horizontal. Note that total no. of registration from HK keeps over TW for the second week since Mar 12
  • LikeCoin button conversion rate: ~ 10%

Previous week

  • Tried two short articles for content marketing. Will try to keep the practice at least once a week
  • Composed a newsletter for 4 important news about the project and will be sent out this afternoon
  • Draft the Q1 project performance infographic

This week

  • Promote the Medium ->Matters and Vocus news
  • Continue to reach out key influencers
  • Migrate to Crisp
  • Enhance tracking, FB ad
  • Content marketing

Phoebe Poon (Business Development)

  • The latest newsletter received a 27% open rate, 4% CTR. Plan to send out another newsletter this week.
  • Had an initiate plan to rework on the foundation’s website to enable donation function. Develop another revenue funnel for LikeCoin as a protocol and open source project.
  • Drafted the first draft of SIE fund proposal. This week will be sent to advisors for comments and feedback.

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

Previous week

  • LikeCoin chain proposal #1 passed.
  • Was in discussion with some potential validators and by now 10 validator seats have been filled up. In particular, SteemCN has gained the 3rd spot in terms of voting power.
  • Plus some more validators are coming. The validator ecosystem is expected to become more vibrant.
  • Given the coronavirus crisis and financial crisis, measures are being conducted to prevent the foundation from malfunctioning. Costs will be minimized. Single point of failure will be avoided as much as possible.
  • Received usd30k Google Cloud credits to be used for a year. Thanks a lot, Google.