LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30

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Excited to announce the partnership with VOCUS. Reveal Liker Land business model for major product upgrade.

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  • Chung, Michael, William, Tat, Edmond, Phoebe, Joshkiu, Aludirk, Kin, Daniel, David, Ching


  • Weekly updates
  • AOB
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30

Chung (Blockchain Developer)

LikeCoin chain stats on 2020.03.30 (vs. last report on 2020.03.23)

  • Number of Addresses: 8,683 (+384)
  • Number of Transactions: 163,915 (+13,365)
  • Number of Delegated Tokens: 252,790,000 (-630,000) LIKE, 76.59% of migrated tokens

(Data and chart are logged here)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30

Previous week

  • Continous work on LikeCoin chain ISCN development
  • Discussion with Forbole on proof of existence with chain upgrade

This week

  • Development of ISCN on LikeCoin chain

Michael (Developer)

Previous week

  • Fixed UI review on monthly email report
  • Wrote Elastic stack deployment documentation and Kibana usage note
  • Added script for internal LikeCoin distribution report

This week

  • Deploy monthly email report which will be run in the start of April
  • Write documentation for Dataflow on GCP

William Chong (Full Stack Developer)

Previous week

  • Deployed change in paypal config
  • Investigate bounce and account paused issue with aws ses email service
  • Implemented cloudwatch for ses email bounce statistic
  • Migrated some of our email workload to sendgrid
  • Research and implement server-side analytics event of FPS/payme civic likers for civic liker funnel analysis, changed frontend to add uis/adv checking
  • Implement crisp data migration on and server side functions
  • Minor fixes on

This week

  • Deploy and monitor crisp changes
  • Deploy and monitor server side analytics event effect
  • Start working on liker land app referral function
  • Research into crisp on liker land app, liker land website and

Ng Wing Tat (David) (Front End Developer)

Previous week

  • Fixed share extension compatibility for some 3rd party apps such as Brave Browser & PayMe
  • Released new app version 0.16.0

— Brand new sign-in screen

— QR code scanner now supports JSON format

— User can now save web pages to bookmark list from Safari, Google Chrome and Brave Browser

— Users can now manage their follow preference

— Users can now manage their account settings

— Began working on statistics UI on the app with Storybook

This week

  • Continue to work on statistics UI on the app with API integration

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Previous week

  • Decided the new road map of Liker Land with @ckxpress
  • Designed a subscription option page and notification feature of Liker Land app
  • Participated in the discussion for the design of super liker and share feature

This week

  • Following up with last week designs and discussion

Aludirk (System Architect)

Previous week

  • Proposed ISP #2
  • Worked on ISP #3
  • Discussed on LikeCoin chain upgrade issue

This week

  • Work on ISCN specs, schema & IPLD, ISP #3, #4
  • Keep to follow up the LikeCoin chain upgrade issue

Edmond Yu (Operations)

Statistics review

  • Civic Liker registration — historical weekly high

— Mainly due to correct advertising strategy

— CPA remain stable (~HKD 29) after ad budget +60%

  • Bottleneck:

— 50% registration in manual procedure (FPS,Payme)

— Ad strategy is need to be tuned

— observing the rise in CPA

— FB pixel and GA tracking to be improved

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30

Affinity group A/B test

  • Test failed (cannot pass learning period) on sports affinity group in FB AD A/B test due to not enough samples, not sure how large should the sample size be.

Social Media (by community helper Daisy

  • Facebook content theme for this sprint focus on Matters million dollar community campaign and one-click transfer function
  • Reach rate drop because most of them are link post which are not attractive enough.
  • Engagement rate maintain 6% as a lot of link forwarding work to Facebook group were done.
  • Telegram posting resumed.

Other performance index

  • Average daily active likers : ~1043 (+9%)
  • Average daily registration: ~306 Liker ID, keep horizontal. The boost of registration from Hong Kong mentioned last week is proven to be a spam, and the spammer was suppressed this week.
  • Weekly app downloads (iOS+Android): +280 units (last week 231)
  • LikeCoin button conversion rate: ~8.48%
  • Liker Land conversion funnel: ~2%

Previous week

  • Advertising and operation to boost Civic Liker intake
  • Matters (Medium campaign) and promotion
  • Completed a sketch and an article for Civic Media content marketing

This week

  • Execute advertising plan, solve the bottleneck to scale up
  • Plan for app download campaign
  • Prepare a season infographics report
  • Vocus partnership promotion
  • Migrate to Crisp
  • Content marketing and continue to reach out key influencers

Phoebe Poon (Business Development)

  • Prepared for the first draft of SIE fund proposal and revised after receiving comments from advisors and potential partners last week
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s online guest lecture for HKU MBA students
  • Gitcoin matching fund for public goods went live during the weekend. Please support us if you have a GitHub account. DAI preferred.

高重建 | kin ko (Product Manager)

  • High level design of Liker Land app feature and even more importantly, business model to sustain the organization. Need further fine-tuning before confirmation. Here’s a preview:
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.03.30