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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.09.07

Table of Contents

Super Like is coming to town

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)

Statistics‌ and Insights

  • Civic Liker total: 1856, 18 new registration last week.
  • New app download: 279, DAU ~ 300, 10% are Likers, so 90% are using other features, most likely the wallet.
  • New insight: Total active Likers last week 3,038, among them only 1% using Liker Land app, we should continue to convert the most active Likers among this population into app users.

Last week

  • was on leave and helping on daily routines occasionally.
  • Social media (executed by community helper Daisy): Facebook average engagement rate maintained 5% with page reach of 538. Several scam posts occured on Facebook, and we need to be more alert about this issue.

This week

  • Execution of Super Like launch.
  • Have drafted 4 versions of promotion text to target readers, creators, content jockeys and civic media supporters. The text will be used in social posts and newsletters.
  • Launch a new promotion campaign with Madkids’ material
  • Have consent with StandNews, hkcnews and Matters for a joint promotion for Super Like
  • publish the Super Like feature description articles
  • gather data and insights after Super Like launch for next week’s action
  • Review Chinese publication

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2020.08.31)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.09.07
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.09.07
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.09.07

Last week

  • ERC-20 token migration page: updated Ledger part so new Cosmos Ledger app can be used; gas payment is now from user due to congestion on Ethereum network
  • Working on internal tool for managing team private key

This week‌

  • Continue on the internal tool

William (Full Stack Developer)‌

Last week

  • Released WordPress plugin 2.0.0 and 2.0.1, added brief introduction of matters and fixed some bugs reported by users.
  • Increased the price update frequency of myethshop api
  • Fix some bugs with, daily like distribution calculator, and civic liker transaction sender.
  • Started working on Super Like tool, initializing repos with typescript and firebase.
  • Prepare PR on bookmark archive API.

This week

  • Release Super Like feature.
  • Continue to work on Super Like tool.
  • Write an article on how our Typescript + Firebase cloud function repo is set up.

​​​David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌

Last Week

  • Added in-app language settings
  • Resolved app sign-in with Matters for Android users and other minor app-related issues
  • Released 0.19.0 on production which includes Super Like feature
  • Updated LikeCoin button Storybook

This Week

  • Add about page‌
  • Develop bookmark archive feature for the app

Joshkiu (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Completed UX/UI for bookmark and archive
  • Organized comments and feedback on Notion into single database
  • Prepare community call presentation

This week‌

  • Will present on community call
  • Will review and handle several small tasks
  • Will review notification feature

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)‌

ckxpress (Civic Liker)

On Governance

  • Sept community call which will take place on 2020.09.07 (Mon) 1820 GMT +8

On evangelism and others