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LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.26

Table of Contents

Receiving flagship grant from Grant for the Web to integrate web monetization to LikeCoin protocol. Thanks Grant for the Web.

Edmond (Operations & Marketing)

Statistics‌ and Insights

  • Land Pages performance (last 28 days): /creators with drop-off rate 78.1%; /civic with drop-off rate 67.1%.
  • As Q4 direction is about adding incentives to creators, the funnel performance of /creators page should be enhanced as one of the landing pages.
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.26
  • Conversion rate of /civic page in last 3 months stays around 2–2.5%.
  • New app download: 226(+1%), app WAU: 884 (+2%), Likers who liked in app: 67(-26%), number of Content Jockeys: 240(+1%)
  • Civic Liker total: 1792; 7 new registrations last week.

Last week

  • Discussed about the new social media approach and conducted 3 experimental posts
  • Worked on Google Adwords setup
  • Suggestions on /creator page enhancement from a conversion funnel angle.

Social media (executed by community helper Daisy):

  • Facebook engagement rate was 7% and reach was 1,078, double than previous week.
  • The 3 test post: Lock, 2. Post-It, 3. Basketball results were satisfactory,
  • No. of share: 1. 5 shares, 2. 3 shares, 3. 2 shares
  • Engagement rate/reach: 1. 4%/1668, 2. 4%/879, 3. 14%/2768 respectively
  • As discussed, 2. maybe detected by AI and the reach was lowered, 3. got the best result as the content was relevant and with personal touch.

This week

  • Continue to work on Google AdWords and Civic Liker retention
  • Publish an article for proposal #5
  • Make some progress on new Civic Liker plan promotion with Madkids
  • Continue the new experiment on social posts

Chung (Blockchain developer)

LikeCoin chain statistics‌

(Difference from 2020.10.19)

LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.26
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.26
LikeCoin Weekly Progress Update 2020.10.26

Last week

  • Keep working on LikeCoin chain ISCN module

This week‌

William (Full Stack Developer)‌

Last week

  • Investigate health check alerts fired last weekend. Reviewed cluster resources settings for autoscaling and monitoring. Upgraded all existing k8s cluster to stable release channel. Fixed an nginx ingress config issue.
  • Fixed a bug in likecoin-jedi repo causing Super Like transactions to be stuck on rare race condition.
  • Refactor current Civic Liker webhook and logic to prepare for new features.
  • Optimized creator’s page speed for better on board experience of current ad campaign

This week

  • (On leave)

​​​David Ng (Frontend Developer)‌

Last Week

  • Released Liker Land app v0.20.1 fixes profile settings UI language and all Content Jockey Super Likes list
  • Completed UI components for the user portfolio page

This Week

  • Fill UI components with actual data for the user portfolio page

JoshKIU (UX Designer)

Last week

  • Designed wireframe for Civic Liker subscription

This week‌

  • Will complete the rest of the wireframe
  • Will start to design LikeCoin button and Civic Liker subscription UI

Phoebe (Community & Business Development)‌

  • Received Grant for the Web flagship grant. Team shall incorporate Web Monetization into the LikeCoin protocol. Thank you, Grant for the Web.
  • Submitted the Q4 ICF Grant application. Continue to outreach to applicable funding opportunities.

ckxpress (Civic Liker)

On governance

  • Proposal #5 deposit at ~600,000 LikeCoin, 400,000 to go. Encouraging stakeholders to pay attention to the proposal.
  • November community call is scheduled on Nov 2 (coming Monday) at 1820–1900 (GMT+8).

On evangelism and others

  • Big Dipper was upgraded to improve speed, fix re-delegation bug and last but not least, show the new big bear logo. Thanks Forbole!