LikeCoin Twitter Marketing Report - Mar 2023

Table of Contents

LikeCoin x Irtysh Digital – Twitter Reporting, March 2023

Table of Contents

Twitter Engagement Reporting
Updated: March 2023

Twitter Engagement Reporting
Updated: March 2023

As specified in on-chain governance proposals 28 and 62, Irtysh Digital, a web3 community and marketing specialist agency has been servicing LikeCoin’s Twitter account. The following report is written by Tiarnan, co-founder Irtysh Digital (LikeCoin discord TL#0333).


A drop in reach in the last 6 months but metrics showing retention and slight growth of active core community. We are well-positioned thanks to a trend towards utility-focused NFTs, solopreneurship and creator economies flourishing from work-from-home and tech layoff situations.

There are challenges to overcome: language silo-ing and unclear calls-to-action. Placing Web3Press as the forefront of our offering addresses these issues, so we intend to focus on this. The target KPI for the next cycle includes 40 tweets per month with a focus on specific content distribution, and engagement rates above 3%.

In case you come across any viral or high reach tweets that are relevant to LikeCoin and you can see us placing a tweet reply, please tag us, or ping the tweet to marketing-subdao discord channel.


We’ve seen a significant drop in reach in the last 6 months seen from impression per tweet calculations, which is not surprising due to recent market events. 

Despite this our engagement rates remain relatively high, indicating we have an active core community.

We are in a strong position in 2023 – there is a perfect storm for LikeCoin indicated by Twitter trends:

  • Big push on Web3Press – the name is also straightforward and easy to understand. LikeCoin itself is better positioned as a background technology powering Web3Press. 
  • CT rejection and ridicule of PFP and old-era NFT projects. Fast brand adoption of NFTs (eg. Starbucks) validates use-case based NFTs as the next step forward
  • Which leads to narratives-based investors being bullish on utility-focused NFTs, especially on Book NFTs, community and creator economy focused NFT use cases. Creator economy is also gaining traction thanks to WFH culture and public interest in creating alternative income. 
  • Strong recent social proof of underlying tech thanks to war-crime documentation use case via Starling Lab and Word Camp coverage.

Web3Press is positioned well in this respect and we should look to bring this to the forefront of LikeCoin’s focus continuing into 2023

Findings & Challenges

Audiences separated by language

LikeCoin use-cases with traction are mainly serving chinese-language communities, which is somewhat invisible to the english community due to the barrier to participate. This lead to confusion in the english community, mainly seen from key validators refusing the osmosis incentive matching vote as ‘they haven’t seen LikeCoin do anything meaningful or gain traction since ICO’. 


  • Leverage rebranding of Web3Press to be the language-neutral use-case for LikeCoin
  • Legitimize and bring social proof on the ‘tech behind Web3Press’ (ie. LikeCoin) through industry use cases (Rollingstone, Book NFT, WordPress community)
  • Consider using video format to showcase anything happening in CN side as this brings higher engagement levels (illustbuy, matters, etc). Preferably short format <1 min showcase in english

Unclear Call to Action (CTA)

Impressions and engagement rates are important to track but are meaningless if there is no conversion point developed. Meaning, someone finds out about LikeCoin via our tweets, and thinks – great, how do I jump in? Compared to competitors like, our CTA messaging is not clear. 


  • Develop overview CTA based on use-case tracks – ie:
    • Own a WordPress blog -> Web3Press
    • Looking for self-publishing, community and distribution solutions -> WritingNFT, BookNFT use-case
    • Content preservation & authenticity solutions -> Starling Lab, RollingStone articles, ISCN specs overview
    • Supporting creator economy -> Civic liker node

Sorting our offerings based on audience identities makes for easier conversions. This should be both on our pinned tweet, and website.

Next Steps: Strategy Plan & KPIs

To address the above issues and place LikeCoin as a leading voice in the decentralized publishing and utility NFT space, our strategy is:

  • Bring Web3Press to the forefront
  • Boost visibility & discoverability by ‘paragliding’ on relevant viral tweets, or being the first comment on larger accounts and adding value to their tweets
  • Clarify CTAs based on interests, and plug them into performing tweets as a reply. Better CTAs should see an increase in conversions, which we can loosely define as Web3Press plugin installs, discord community size, or being a follower/community member

In terms of KPIs starting April 2023, we plan the following:

40 Tweets per month, with target split:
~30 in feed (1 a day, with 2-3 threads per month)
~10 comment replies (engagement with other accounts)

Content distribution:
30% – LikeCoin core updates
30% – Web3Press, Thought leadership
20% – Audience renting
20% – Other (Supporting partners, direct CTA, testing)

Follower growth: Not KPI as follower drop off from airdrop still occuring
ER: >3%

Data & Discussion

Twitter account data month by month is published publicly for transparency on google sheets. We also welcome any discussion or questions in the #marketing-subdao channel in LikeCoin discord (please tag TL#0333). Any updates or amendments will be made live on the Irtysh Digital website.