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Liquid Starts Support of LIKE token on LikeCoin chain

Table of Contents

LikeCoin team launched the long-awaited LikeCoin chain in November 2019. The LikeCoin ERC-20 has been migrated to the new LikeCoin that is built based on Cosmos SDK. We have been working closely with our exchange partners with the upgrade to provide the best support to our token holders.

Besides BitAsset and MyEthShop, we are excited to announce that Liquid is supporting the new format LikeCoin starting today. All withdrawals on Liquid will be automatically upgraded to new LikeCoin. Available spot trading pairs on Liquid are LIKE/BTC and LIKE/USDT.

There are few things to note when withdrawing LIKE on Liquid:

  • The service fee for each withdrawal is 450 LIKE.
  • Make sure you are withdrawing LIKE to a LikeCoin wallet addressin new format, which starts with “cosmos1”
  • If you already registered a Liker ID, you can view your LikeCoin wallet address in Liker Land under profile > wallet icon > receive

If you are still holding LikeCoin ERC-20 and would like to migrate your tokens, you can visit LikeCoin official migration page.

Need help? Read the FAQ or contact Liquid customer support.