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LikeCoin monthly highlights

Table of Contents

May 2018 — It’s only just the beginning.

Welcome to the very first issue of our monthly highlights. Since May, the Foundation would summarise the progress of LikeCoin every month to keep the community updated in a digested form. Please bear with us for being late this time — it has been so happening after all.

For those who prefer first hand information, our announcements and discussions through various channels during the month will remain. Please follow us on Medium, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and join our discussion on Telegram (English, Japanese, Korean, Russia) and Facebook (Chinese).

1. Business Development

Token sale successfully finished

In total, the Foundation has sold 360,538,485 LikeCoin tokens for 7,562.26 ETH and reached 180% of our initial target of 4200 ETH. Once again, thanks everyone for your support on this meaning project.

Here’s the full announcement.

LIKE listed on QRYPTOS

LikeCoin token will be — well, because i sent my monthly digest late, was — listed on the popular Japanese exchange QRYPTOS on June 4 with the ticker, bingo, you guess it right, LIKE .

In case you don’t already have an account on QRYPTOS which is the first global cryptocurrency exchange officially licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency, with head quarter in Tokyo and offices in Singapore and Vietnam, you may find this tutorial helpful. You may get 3 free QASH tokens by signing up.

2. Technical Development

Technical Development has not slowed down before, during or after token sale. In May, we’ve enabled the support for accessing LikeCoin ID through our official site, by Trust Wallet. We are also first in the world to use deeplinking to bring the DApp UX to the next level.

Talking about that, if you are into DApp UX design, don’t miss this excellent analysis by our community on the design of (in Chinese). And if you want to get your hands dirty, you may even play with the source codes of on — we open sourced it to share with the community.

puttyimages: Creative Commons stock images

During the month, we have also finished the UI and technical design of puttyimages, the Creative Commons stock images library by LikeCoin. If you don’t know already, we believe in openness, so puttyimages is open-source in day 1. Join us if you want to participate in the blockchain movement, want to learn, or are just curious.

3. Community and others

Events and press coverage

During the month (and April), we shared the vision and protocol design of LikeCoin in 6 seminars in Creative Commons Global Summit (Toronto), ZEROZONE (Hong Kong), True Global Ventures Disruption (Hong Kong), KOCCA (South Korea) and STANDAGE (Osaka, Tokyo), and did a few interviews with the press:


i’ve also written 6 articles shared my view on LikeCoin, blockchain, the industry and society through a few articles:


To promote creativity and support the underprivileged, and LikeCoin Foundation has sponsored The Life Workshop on their musical 《想飛等飛 逆風飛翔版》 and the Hong Kong Interschool Science Visual Novel Creation Competition.

It is only just the beginning.

LikeCoin monthly highlights
puttyimages user flow design 2018.04.24 (credit: Oursky)