Table of Contents

LikeCoin June 2018 Highlights

Table of Contents

LikeWidget for Medium, exchange listing and more

1. Business Development

Exchange listing

During the first month after our token sale, LIKE was listed on 5 exchanges:

To focus on existing exchanges and trading pairs, we’ve decided to postpone listing more pairs on Tidebit for the time being. The Foundation is continuously exploring to list on more exchanges. Our strategy, however, is not “the more, the better”. We prioritize our budget for protocol and product development and secondly for promotion, have no intention to spend heavily just to get on exchanges. We shall go step by step and let the community drive LIKE to new exchanges whenever possible. One example is the retweeting campaign we are currently having with Bitmart.

Due diligence rating

DRC, Distributed Regtech Collaboration Platform, a decentralized due diligence organization in China for blockchain projects, has performed their evaluation on LikeCoin protocol. The Foundation is delighted to receive an A grade and a score of 74.24. The detailed research report can be found in DRC’s website.

Our community has also written this piece to introduce how the due diligence works:《LikeCoin獲DRC評為A級 — 高重建透露更多未來發展》.

Token info listing

Our community has submitted LikeCoin protocol to various blockchain project listing services to help LIKE gain international exposure:

and coinranker, tokener, icobazaar, ccbeast, coinhills, coinschedule, foundico, icobuffer, icowatchlist, etc.

2. Technical Development

LikeWidget for Medium

As the first step of Proof of Creativity, we have launched LikeWidget for Medium. Writers on Medium can simply paste their personal homepage link on to their articles to generate a LikeWidget.

Other than Medium, the widget will gradually cover more platforms, have the ability to do mining, and finally evolve into the decentralized Like button. Read our announcement for more details.

puttyimages — call for developers

Being the core DApp of LikeCoin ecosystem, puttyimages enjoys a high priority in our development road map. With the help from folks at Oursky, we have finished two sprints in June and are wrapping up alpha1.

puttyimages is open sourced in github and you are invited to join our development efforts. No blockchain experience necessary. Not only will you be able to work with a great team and learn about the latest technologies in blockchain, but you will also gain bonus LIKE for merged pull requests.


While we are a big fan of Ethereum, not everything justifies storing on Ethereum. The LikeCoin protocol involves a side chain next to Ethereum, called LikeChain. The specifications of LikeChain, the fundamental building block of LikeCoin ecosystem, are being drafted. We shall share the draft once it’s ready this summer.

LikeCoin June 2018 Highlights
Basic architecture of LikeChain

3. Community and others

Events and press coverage

Aludirk and Chung shared the topic “Blockchain for creative contents” and “Let’s write a DApp” in Hong Kong Open Source Conference. If you were not in the big crowd of attendees, you may check out the recordings in our YouTube channel.

On the other hand, i have shared my view on design and technology with the students in the Entrepreneurship for Design & Creative Business Certificate Programme of Hong Kong Design Centre.

You may also be interested in the interview on LikeCoin by Cryptocurrency Satellite from Japan.


The team has written various articles to share our views. The articles are all available in LikeCoin publication on Medium.


Our DApp oice has two campaigns during summer holidays.

  • oice jam will take place on on July 7–8. It is a fun event for participants to get together to create great visual novels. The event is co-organised by oice and KADOKAWA International Edutainment. 50 seats are fully booked.
  • Organized by Association of IT leaders in Education, FlippEducators@HK, Hong Kong Association of Science and Mathematics Education and Hong Kong Association for Computer Education and supported by oice Limited and LikeCoin Foundation, the Inter-school Scientific Visual Novel Creation Competition now accepts submissions from participants. A workshop will also be held on July 7.