New Physical Bookstore Partnerships, NFT eBooks Tipping Feature and Successful Offline Meetup

Table of Contents

New Physical Bookstore Partnerships, NFT eBooks Tipping Feature and Successful Offline Meetup

Table of Contents


Phoebe from the Liker Land team provided several updates regarding the LikeCoin ecosystem.

Updates on Proposal 80 NUM Token Swap

Firstly, she provided an update on Proposal 80, a token swap proposal that was passed in March. She clarified that the proposal passed successfully and she is currently overseeing the execution of the token swap. Due to liquidity concerns and the significant amount held, the swap process is being conducted gradually. Phoebe mentioned that a portion of the funds has already been transferred back to the multisig wallet. This information is publicly available and can be verified through the proposal documentation and the multisig wallet’s current balance. A screenshot was attached to showcase the remaining NUM tokens and the USDT that was swapped and subsequently transferred back to the multisig wallet. Phoebe expressed gratitude for the community’s support of the proposal and highlighted that the allocated funds may be used for future ecosystem initiatives.

LikeCoin’s English Newsletter Set for Revival

Phoebe announced plans to resume the English monthly newsletter. Recognizing that many community members have not been keeping up with English updates, efforts will be made to provide a comprehensive view of LikeCoin’s activities. The newsletter will be distributed at least once a month via Substack to update the mailing list. Phoebe assured attendees that the English content would not be considered spam, emphasizing the initiative to enhance communication efforts.

Enhances Onboarding with Web3 Native Login and Simplified Choice

A product update was provided from the Liker Land side, highlighting significant changes to the Liker Land website. Over the past six to ten months, the team has been experimenting with a purely Web3 native login method using Keplr. Recognizing the importance of improving the onboarding experience, especially for their target audience of layman readers, adjustments were made to the login flow to streamline the process.

Enhances Onboarding with Web3 Native Login and Simplified Choice

The current recommended login flow utilizes a service provider named Authcore, supporting both email and social login options. The aim is to simplify the choices available to users, enhancing the overall user experience. Upon signing up via email, a wallet is automatically registered for the user, reminiscent of the early phase of LikeCoin’s launch.

However, there are ongoing efforts to refine the flow further, particularly in guiding users on setting up the Liker ID and exporting the Seed Words. Updates, tutorials, and documentation will be provided accordingly to assist users through these processes. The changes to the login flow represent a major update on Liker Land.

Tipping for NFT eBook

Another payment feature added last month to the platform is the tipping feature, which has been live for approximately two weeks. The initial response to this feature has been positive, with a significant number of readers expressing interest in tipping the writers they support. While the feature has been launched, ongoing efforts are being made to monitor its performance, including evaluating the bounce rate and usage patterns. Users will notice an additional tipping option available when interacting with writers. Feedback from the community on this new feature is encouraged to further refine its functionality and user experience.

Currently, this feature is only applicable to books and can be activated through the backend system known as the Book Press Portal. At present, this feature is not available for free Writing NFTs due to differences in the payment systems between Book NFTs and Writing NFTs. The Writing NFTs currently accept a token, which is not supported by the tipping feature. The decision to limit tipping to books is to maintain simplicity for readers in understanding their purchases. Integrating this feature with the more complex payment system of Writing NFTs would require significant time and resources. The team plans to assess the reception of this feature by readers and purchasers before considering any expansion to other areas.

Partners with Physical Bookstores to Expand Book Selection and Reach

In the previous month, Liker Land saw an influx of new NFT eBooks due to the addition of a new publisher 風簷出版. This publisher primarily focuses on Chinese classic books, many of which are in the Chinese public domain. This addition is significant as it will offer a wide range of classic Chinese books available for purchase as NFT eBooks through the platform.

Additionally, there have been experiments with selecting certain paperback books for sale on Liker Land. Currently, two paperback books have been chosen, one of which, authored by kin財富自由主義:金錢的多元宇宙》, was highlighted last month. This particular book has been trending and has experienced multiple sold-out periods. Efforts are underway to restock this book. The selection of paperback books aims to drive more traffic to Liker Land.

To facilitate these sales, partnerships with physical bookstores are being formed to manage the settlement process. This new collaboration is anticipated to be mutually beneficial for both the physical bookstores and the platform.

These content additions and experiments are expected to continue into April with the goal of diversifying the book selection and enhancing traffic to the Liker Land bookstore. For those interested in staying updated with the latest offerings, a monthly summary of new books and developments can be accessed by subscribing to the Chinese substack on Liker Land.

Liker Land Shines at Taiwan NDX Meetup as Google-Funded Initiative Awardee

In March, several offline events were attended by the team. One significant event was the Taiwan NDX programming meetup, where the team was recognized as an awardee of this Google-funded initiative. As NDX’s execution partner, a meetup was organized in Taiwan to engage with various media entities. The purpose was to present the media tools available for LikeCoin and Liker Land, with the potential to identify new use cases. The session was productive and well-received by the attendees.

Taiwan NDX Meetup

Additionally, the team participated in Taiwan WordCamp Asia 2024 to support core users and introduce the WordPress tool. While the focus this year will primarily be on the Liker Land Marketplace, the presence at the event was beneficial for outreach and engagement.

Furthermore, the first offline Community Meetup of 2024 was hosted, attracting a diverse group of old and new users from varied backgrounds. Participants included individuals from the traditional publishing industry as well as early supporters of LikeCoin. The team anticipates hosting more offline meetups throughout the year, potentially collaborating with bookstores to foster discussions on Web3 publishing. The meetup was successful in facilitating insightful conversations and networking opportunities for all attendees.