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Pre-register Now for Free — Civic Liker Trial

Table of Contents

Civic Liker Trial is opened for pre-registration from Dec 17 -31, max quota for 100 testers. Testers have the right to distribute the USD 5 monthly budget given by LikeCoin Foundation in Jan 2019 to content creators by liking their works.

The free trial aims to let passionate users to experience Civic Liker plan at first hand, help to test, feed back and hence enhance the flow, and of course to experience the privilege of being a Civic Liker.

How to Participate

  1. Participants need to have a LikeCoin ID. If you have not, click here to get one.
  2. Login, and then register here.

Trial Details

  • After successful registration to be a Civic Liker, you will be able to distribute the USD 5 budget given by the foundation to reward the creators by liking during 2019 Jan 1–31 (2018.12.21: The reward will be released from Jan 2-Feb 1).
  • Get the Civic Liker stamp in your user profile page
  • A special frame around your LikeButton avatar
  • Get a distribution report about your fund
  • Only Civic Liker’s likes are effective to bring incomes to the creators during the January campaign. Please support the creators proactively by liking!
Pre-register Now for Free — Civic Liker Trial

About Civic Liker

A coffee for an ecosystem

Have you ever read a great story, detailed news coverage or beautiful picture on the web, wanted to micro reward it but couldn’t?

Have you realized creativity on the web brings no direct income, creators and civil reporters can only rely on ads, outsource projects and most importantly, enthusiasm?

Civic Liker is a movement to reward open contents. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you become a Civic Liker. Whatever you Like will then be turned into a tangible reward to creators.

Pre-register now for free to experience

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