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“Reinventing the Like” beta 3 campaign — Double the Reward, Strengthen the Community

Table of Contents

LikeCoin foundation(LIKE) will launch the campaign “Reinventing the Like beta 3” from Sep 17 for 12 days, to release 60,000 LIKE everyday to creators, which the total amount of reward is a double of the previous campaign. To strengthen the community bonding, we will help creators to build their WordPress blogs for free. The reward notification email will be enhanced to include the “Like summary” and the suggested articles.

(2nd October edit:“Reinventing the Like” beta 3 encore — we will extend the campaign to 12th October. We will resume to distribute LIKE while the rules and amount of LIKE remain the same from 3 Oct. Of course, the Like from last Friday to yesterday will be counted.)

Release 60,000 LIKE everyday, and 180,000 LIKE on the 1st day

The campaign “Reinventing the Like beta 3” will start from Sep 17. We will release 180,000 LIKE for the first day(9/17), and then 60,000 LIKE everyday in the coming consecutive 11 days.

Building your own WordPress Blog for FREE

If you want to join the campaign but don’t have your own content site, we will build it for you, for free. The domain of your site will be e.g.

Click here to apply for the offer, start building your own creation basecamp.

(September 26th edit: The application for this promotion is full, thank you for support. If you still want to set up your own WordPress website, please leave the information first, we will try to provide assistance.)

你點讚我賞 LIKE — 支援 LikeCoin 作者群列表

Like Summary and Suggested Articles

The email summary you received everyday will include the Like Summary so that you can know where your Likes come from.

“Reinventing the Like” beta 3 campaign — Double the Reward, Strengthen the Community

In addition, there are suggested articles for you so that you can know more about each other in the LikeCoin community.

“Reinventing the Like” beta 3 campaign — Double the Reward, Strengthen the Community

Campaign Enrollment

Same as the previous campaign, enrollment is easy:

  • Writers can start adding the new LikeButton to their articles on Medium or WordPress now. Click here to learn how to install the LikeButton.
  • Publish and promote the articles in any communities and channels to attract Likes; then you are eligible for mining LIKE in this campaign.
“Reinventing the Like” beta 3 campaign — Double the Reward, Strengthen the Community
LikeButton — Readers click Like, Creators mine LIKE

LIKE Distribution

  • LIKE will be distributed daily since Sep 17 2018. Total Like count from Sep 8–16 2018 for all participants will be calculated, and then 180,000 LIKE will distributed according to the Like count of each article.
  • From Sep 18 for consecutive 11 days, LikeCoin Foundation will distribute 60,000 LIKE every day according to the Like count of each article and the total Like count in the previous day.
  • Readers logged in to their LikeCoin ID help the article mine much more LIKE.
  • There is no limit on the number of articles by each writer to participate the campaign each day. Let’s post more articles to get more Like!
  • Article of the Day, which get the most LIKE in the previous day, will be given 200 LIKE bonus reward. The article will also be promoted in LikeCoin social channels.
  • LikeCoin Foundation reserves all rights to interpret the terms of this campaign. If someone is found to abuse the system, the foundation may disqualify the user.

Tips for Mining More LIKE

The amount of LIKE mined is directly proportional to the number of Likes you can get from the readers, especially from those with LikeCoin ID registered. The promotion and exposure of your article is hence very important. You cannot mine any LIKE without exposure even with the best content.

Tips for mining more LIKE:

  • Proper Featured Graphics Choose an attractive banner for your article can surely help the click rate especially when sharing on social media.
  • Enhanced Search Adding the tag Proof of Creativity in your Medium articles to help the community discover your works.
  • Personalise LikeButton Thumbnail Your personal brand is important. Let’s upload your picture onto immediately so that your portrait can show up in the LikeButton.
  • Cross Promotion Bind your Facebook page to your LikeCoin ID at if you have one so that your fans can more likely be notified by your news.
  • Keep on Sharing Share your works in whatever channels that you can think of. LikeCoin’s telegram group is a good choice of course.
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