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“Reinventing the Like” beta 4 campaign wrap-up

Table of Contents

The author who received the most LikeCoin (LIKE) in the campaign received a total of 94,535 LIKE (equivalent to HK$2,184, or NT$8,582), and the number of creators that participated in the campaign totaled 565, an increase of 29% compared to the previous campaign. The total number of registered users who have used the LikeButton were 593, 72% of which were pure readers, a 60% increase from the previous campaign.

The “Reinventing the Like” beta 4 campaign has now successfully come to an end. The next LIKE distribution is on hold until the November 19th. Any Likes received from your articles will be rewarded in the next campaign. Until then, please continue to fuel your creative spirit!

The campaign which lasted 19 days and sent out a total of 1,263,800 LIKE. 565 creators participated in the campaign, and a grand total of 6,607 articles were liked.

Encourage readers to register

In order to build a community of creators and readers, and to track the whereabouts of each reader’s “likes”, it is technically necessary for readers to log in and like; and in furtherance for encouraging readers to register, the campaign distributed 120,000 LikeCoin bonuses to registered readers who have given Likes, and specifies that only the login-ed readers can make the authors earn LikeCoins. After introducing this incentive, the growth rate of registered readers has seen a predicted increase.

However, after observing user data we have found that 66% of users gave up in the process of installing the MetaMask wallet after kick-started the registration process, or in other words, in every 100 registration attempts only 33 were successful.

It appears that the step of installing the MetaMask wallet is the biggest obstacle in the reader registration process.

So do readers actually need a digital wallet?

In terms of the LikeCoin campaign, from the very basic to the more active readers in the community, they can in fact:

  1. Like (showing support, but the author will not earn any LikeCoins)
  2. Login + Like
  3. Login + Like + Give LikeCoin

So for our authors, the digital wallet is a must, as you will need one to receive any LikeCoin revenue for your work. However, for many of our readers, the digital wallet is only really used if you wish to give LikeCoins to the author.

Streamlining the registration process

We completely understand the above users’ needs, so we will be greatly simplifying the user registration process for the new version of the service.

In the future, users will be able to register successfully without installing the digital wallet. The whole process can be shortened to just one minute and can also be completed on your mobile phone.

Of course, we still highly encourage users to install the digital wallet and use LikeCoin to support the creations of others in a more meaningful and direct way.

Keep engaging your readers

At the end of the day, establishing the relationship between the author and the reader is the most important thing. The foundation will keep providing LikeCoin bonus as an incentive to promote interaction between the authors and the readers, and also to promote the creation of new content.

The next promotion will begin on November 19th, when we will update the system to support the above new registration process, so please stay tuned and keep supporting us.

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