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Road to chain upgrade — FoTan

Table of Contents

LikeCoin Upgrade Public Testnet Launch & Preparations for FoTan Mainnet

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The community is proud to announce the launch of the final version of the LikeCoin chain Testnet (after rounds of internal testing) before the much-awaited launch of LikeCoin chain FoTan— Mainnet next month! The team has been building and testing the code diligently and now would like to invite the validator community to test and incorporate their feedback.

The latest Testnet launch will allow validators to test out the migration scripts and simulate FoTan upgrade. Once everything is successfully tested, we will move towards launching the FoTan Mainnet. (Read more about the FoTan upgrade)

To ensure that we have enough time to communicate and test things out before the Mainnet release, we have planned the road to Mainnet in 2 release phases:

  • Testnet — Deployed on 9 July, view Testnet setup documentation
  • FoTan Mainnet — In August, the exact date to be determined by chain proposal


The Testnet aims to provide a platform for validators to have rehearsal on upgrading the chain to FoTan. The main goal is to let validators get used to the upgrade procedures, so the upgrade of Mainnet can be more fluent. It also helps to discover software issues early before the Mainnet upgrade.

The Testnet also acts as a platform for developers to test chain features and APIs and could be reused in future upgrades for rehearsal.


After testing on Testnet, if validators agree that the software is suitable for the Mainnet upgrade, then we will move to the preparation of the Mainnet upgrade. This is done by validators raising and voting for the Mainnet upgrade proposal.

In the proposal, several parameters will be determined, including the exact upgrade date and time, software version, new chain ID, and other module parameters.

What’s next?

Calling all validators to join the FoTan Testnet. We won’t be able to upgrade to FoTan without your participation! We are aiming to complete the Testnet upgrade in July and here is the estimated timeline:

Road to chain upgrade — FoTan
Week of 11th July — Technical introduction is ready. Setup the Testnet software of Part I. (Once you are done with the setup, feel free to sit back and check back the Discord discussion on 19th July, where we will discuss the upgrade proposal parameter)
Road to chain upgrade — FoTan
Week of 18th July — Completed Part I setting up the Testnet software. Kick of Part II of the Pre-upgrade progress. Discuss Testnet upgrade proposal, pass the proposal, determining the date, time, software version, and parameters of the upgrade. Schedule an online meeting for the upgrade next week.
Road to chain upgrade — FoTan

Week of 25th July — Time to get everyone online! We shall meet online to complete the actual During upgrade process in Part III. Need to discuss export height and genesis time in real-time. Also need to prepare to raise the Mainnet upgrade proposal.

Week of 1st Aug — If nothing is delayed, we will move forward to the Mainnet upgrade discussion and release related documents.

Join the #validators channel on Discord for the latest discussion of the upgrade.

Read about the FoTan upgrade overview, and set up the Testnet here.

Important Update: The Testnet upgrade has been completed successfully on 28th July! Validators had raised a Mainnet upgrade proposal #15 and entered the voting period till 15th Aug.

Road to chain upgrade — FoTan

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