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StarFerry – A Full Ship of Stories | LikeCoin Updates

Table of Contents

🔎Focus story: LikeCoin chain StarFerry upgrade

LikeCoin chain has been successfully upgraded to StarFerry on July 21st.

There were different opinions on what the NFT module codename should be. One of the directions is to follow the trend of the Cosmos ecosystem, which is named after natural elements or astronomy, such as ATOM, Osmosis, the software version of the Cosmos Hub Stargate, the NFT project Stargaze, and the DEFI project. GRAVITY bridge, etc.

In the previous software upgrade, LikeCoin chain has been using unique places in Hong Kong and Taiwan as the codename. In this upgrade, we named after StarFerry, the historical guardian who has witnessed the century-old Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. It also had a role to transmit important stories to the eternal interstellar.

Earlier this year, there were rumours about the StarFerry Company was in financial crisis, and the historic harbour symbol may disappear. Some community members then backed up a video about StarFerry produced by RTHK on LikeCoin chain. After this NFT module upgrade, the StarFerry record and other precious content will be able to publish as NFT. Everyone can collect and own content that had special meaning to them.

LikeCoin took Hong Kong’s StarFerry as an example, transmit it’s historical story to the starry sky of the blockchain. Tens of thousands of people can represents different stories, and they became the cosmos as one. Just like the meaning of Cosmos – The internet of Blockchains.

The StarFerry version will include NFT modules and other features such as:

For details, please refer to LikeCoin chain NFT Module Upgrade – Overview of StarFerry.

StarFerry is the underlying infrastructure of the LikeCoin chain. The community can based on this to develop applications such as publish, sell and transfer NFTs and other Dapps based on this foundation. The first application will launch in August, a beta version of Writing NFT for text-based content like newsletters, blogs, literature, journalism etc.

Early Access to Writing NFTs

Writing NFT will gradually rolling out its roadmap and features. Creators are invited to participate in early testing, provide feedback, and improve the functions of the product together, as well as to be the first batch of users to experience decentralized publishing.

Writers who are interested in participating, please register for the whitelist here.

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Currently, Civic Likers can easily share articles they like to the social media via the LikeCoin button. All shared tweets on will be stored on the blockchain, and you can find it under the hashtag #civicliker.

At the same time, you can also browse and discover what others shared in the Liker Land mobile app.