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Successful LaiChiKok Upgrade with the Blessing from Mascots? | LikeCoin Newsletter

Table of Contents

🔎In Focus: LikeCoin Chain “LaiChiKok” Upgrade

LikeCoin chain was successfully upgraded to LaiChiKok version on 4th May. The new LikeCoin wallet address has the prefix “like” and it also supports the “cosmos” prefix. Several new features are also added to this latest chain version, including an upgrade to Cosmos-SDK 0.44.8 and ibc-go 2.1.0. Let’s get to know more about the key players of the upgrade – Oursky, validators and the Liker Land team, and the stories behind this successful upgrade.

Upgrade Preparation

Since the upgrade plan was set early this year, Liker Land team has been exploring the feasibility of dual-prefix wallet address and testing various services including wallets and exchanges. Compatibility of Dapps upgrade and the related developments have also been conducted.

The Origin of LaiChiKok

Oursky, the unsung hero of the upgrade, was hired after the proposal #33 was passed in January. Since then the team has been working closely with #tech-subdao to help accelerate the technical improvement of LikeCoin chain. Ourksy is also one of the LikeCoin validators.

“LaiChiKok”, the district where Oursky’s Hong Kong office is located, became the code name of LikeCoin’s latest chain upgrade. As a Team Cat, Oursky has several mascots: Peanut, Sesame, Coffee and Milk Tea. A Facebook fan page is even created for the amusement of the cats’ followers. The CEO Sesame has recently relocated to assume command of the Taipei office. The upgrade wouldn’t have been successful without the leadership of these almighty cats.

chima faseng milktea coffee
chima faseng milktea coffee credit:

Cosmovisor Auto Upgrade

Last year during the LikeCoin “FoTan” upgrade, validators from over the world had to stay together at the same time to input commands, which had caused enormous inconvenience to validators, especially for those in other time zones. Thanks to the auto upgrade tool Cosmovisor, this time validators could preset all commands, which enabled a time saving and flexible upgrade.

The Liker Land team was responsible for liaising with the community, especially validators, during the upgrade. Even though validators could let the system upgrade automatically after presetting the command, many of them did join us on 4th May at 10:00pm GMT+8 to witness the upgrade and give a helping hand when necessary. We are so grateful for their support of LikeCoin. When all nodes restarted and the voting rights reached 67% at 23:39pm GMT+8, we concluded the successful upgrade of LikeCoin chain LaiChiKok!

Upon completion of the upgrade, Oursky will continue the development of the NFT module and the new You can find more details in the May report of #tech-subdao.

Successful LaiChiKok Upgrade with the Blessing from Mascots? | LikeCoin Newsletter
LikeCoin Discord #mainnet-node-status channel mascot !status gave us grace of success in the upgrade.

Reminder for Likers

After the upgrade, Liker Land app users will be automatically assigned a new address with the prefix “like”. Keplr users will need to set up manually. You can find the FAQ and tutorial here. Liker Land team is following up with the exchanges, Desmos Profile, depub.SPACE and the other blockchain browsers on the progress of prefix change. If you encounter any problem, please feel free to report on LikeCoin Discord #bug-report, or click “Help” on Liker Land to reach us.

The Next Station is…?

LikeCoin has undergone five upgrades:

  • KaiTak (2019.3.15): As a proof of concept using Tendermint from Cosmos, an Ethereum bridge testnet was built to support deposit and withdrawal on LikeCoin chain.
  • Taipei (2019.9.12, testnet): This was the first Proof of Stake testnet built on Cosmos-SDK 0.3x version and run by validators. Any stakeholder who delegated LikeCoin can participate in community governance.
  • SheungWan (2019.11.15): It marks the birth of LikeCoin chain. Migrated from Ethereum to the Cosmos ecosystem, Cosmos-SDK enabled high-speed and low-cost transactions as well as liquid democracy.
  • FoTan (2021.8.18): This version supported ISCN; Cosmos Stargate IBC 0.4x also made interchain transactions possible.
  • LaiChiKok (2022.5.4): The wallet address prefix has been changed to “like”, Cosmos-SDK was upgraded to 0.44.8 and ibc-go 2.1.0. Cosmosvisor was also used for the first time to support auto upgrade.

The next upgrade code-named “StarFerry” is also in the pipeline and shall take place in June, and the long awaited NFT feature rollout will also be included! We will update you in the next LikeCoin newsletter.

LikeCoin code name
LikeCoin code name

📚DApp Applications

Exporting Liker Land Wallet Recovery Phrase

Liker Land users who registered by general method (with Authcore) can finally export the pin/recovery phrases of their Liker ID. They can also manage their LikeCoin in Keplr or other wallets to improve security. Please find the tutorial here.

LikeCoin WordPress plugin 2.5.5

In this latest version, some bugs have been fixed, and the WordPress plugin version information was also added to blockchain publishing records. Download the latest version today and get ready for your publishing and NFT minting plans!

🗳LikeCoin DAO Updates

Committee Update

In the community call in May, committees reported their work progress:

  • #marketing-subdao:In April, the #marketing-subdao focused on brand building by promoting depub.SPACE and initiating public discussion on LikeCoin NFT. More brand ambassadors, including Blockbuster, will be joining us in May to boost community awareness in Discord.
  • tech-subdao: Other than the LikeCoin upgrade and the NFT module mentioned before, the new version of has been confirmed, and a dummy website will be ready for testing very soon.
  • community-delegation-committee: Together with the accumulated delegation reward and the incentives of 100 million LIKE allocated to the validators after the proposal #44 was passed, the committee has a total of 230 million LIKE currently. The fund was delegated to 12 validators in Round 11.
  • creators-fund-committee: Even though the delegation by Civic Liker nodes has increased steadily, it has yet reached the same level as the previous plans. The matching fund will therefore remain the same in May.

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