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Tech subdao progress update 2022.06.06

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain upgrade, written by Oursky

  • v2.0.2 Upgrade
    • Released v2.0.2 to fix the issue that Mainnet halted because it panicked when unbonding unbonded validator
    • Mainnet validators have upgraded to the new version and resumed the chain
    • Please refer to for more details
  • v3.0.0 Starferry-alpha
  • Starferry Roadmap
    • 2022 May W3
      • Oursky – Blindbox API stable for Liker land and
      • Keep working on Marketplace feature
      • Liker land – working on incorporating the NFT feature.
    • 2022 June W2
      • Oursky – Chain Code completed and raise testnet proposal
      • Blindbox mint, Marketplace, and cosmos-sdk 0.46 upgrade
      • The schedule may be subject to the cosmos-sdk 0.46 release timeline
      • Liker land – share Liker Land NFT widget and mechanism design (Liker Land doesn’t have a plan to implement blind-box features in the current roadmap)
    • 2022 June W3
      • Oursky – testnet upgraded
      • Oursky – details technical document for general DApp dev
    • 2022 July W1
      • Liker Land – aims to release the MVP of the NFT widget and conduct first round of beta test
      • Liker Land – Raise Mainnet upgrade proposal
    • 2022 July W2
      • Mainnet upgrade
      • Target to complete the W2 June. upgrade, written by Oursky

  • We have built the features that
    • Allow users to switch between testnet & mainnet
    • Allow users to connect to wallet via Keplr or WalletConnect
    • Can view the community status (e.g. community pool)
  • We will deploy a staging URL for community to try out in early June. Stay tuned!
  • Will continue on proposals features that will allow users to raise proposals without using command line
  • Demo:


  • bookkeeping always publicly available at (pinned in #techsubdao of Discord):
  • because of the drop of LIKE price during the crypto tsunami, lacking fund to settle the bills of OurSky for 2.5 weeks
  • raised proposal to request for 20,000,000 LIKE from Community Pool (proposal #47), and will likely pass tomorrow. Thanks for the support.
  • During the period 2022.05.02 – 2022.06.06
    • paid OurSky 3,177,417 LIKE (up to 2022.05.11)
    • sponsored Starling Lab 10,000 LIKE for content archiving
  • balance: 680,648 LIKE
  • payable: 0 LIKE

Wanted features and DApps