LikeCoin airdrop

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The wait is over. LIKE airdrop is now available to claim.

Table of Contents

Unlike any recent airdrop, we intended to design it to be a “fairdrop” for holders that believe in decentralized publishing and our potential in a long run.

LikeCoin chain first landed and launched on Cosmos in 2019. We have been tackling problems with writers in places that lack press freedom. As of today, there are 2,211,986 registered content by 24,000 active addresses on 8,576 media outlets, in the LikeCoin network. The idea of decentralized publishing is proven to be an important aspect for users and the future of Web 3 infrastructure. Read the original airdrop proposal here.

Here are some quick tips on how you can claim the airdrop.

Visit the official LikeCoin airdrop website Complete 4 missions to claim all the airdrop amounts. These missions are designed to help you understand the LikeCoin ecosystem better.

The airdrop claim will last for 180 days till August 22, 2022. Since the 91st day, unclaimed fairdrop will decay linearly until it reaches 0 on the 181st day. Unclaimed LIKE will be returned to the Community Pool.

If you want to check the transactions during the claiming process, you can always go to block explorers like Big Dipper or to view the records of the airdrops you have received.

A full airdrop guide is also available here.

Stake your LIKE to the Creator fund

The wait is over. LIKE airdrop is now available to claim.

Consider staking your LIKE to the civic liker node. Stakers will contribute to the distribution of the LikeCoin Creators Fund. And shall receive an NFT poap to represent your contribution. Learn more.

For questions about the airdrop, you can reach us on Discord. Otherwise, welcome to DePub, let’s like and tweet about us.

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