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Three NFT eBook projects coming ahead – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202304

Table of Contents

During the meeting, we discussed several updates about our plans for Q2. It was great to meet many of you face-to-face at the Hong Kong event over the past two weeks. After a long time of virtual meetings, we hope to have more in-person events this year after COVID. We had a great time connecting with all of you. In April, we will have several more events in Hong Kong, and we will go through them briefly at the end of today’s presentation.

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Three NFT eBook projects coming ahead

To kick off, the Liker Land team shared some exciting partnerships that they are planning, specifically around NFT eBooks. “Craft Your World“, an NFT ebook on entrepreneurship, will be published on the LikeCoin Chain in April. This book is currently under internal testing, and its cover looks fantastic. The price is affordable at $9.99 USD, and purchasing the book is straightforward through your credit card. Once you buy the book, it will be delivered to your wallet. To filter NFT eBooks in your Like dashboard, a minor adjustment has been made to allow you to choose a filter. Also, a small book icon has been added to the bottom of the NFT card to show that it is an NFT eBook.

Craft Your World

In mid-April, another NFT eBook will be published called “Impact of ChatGPT to Humanity“. It’s a sociology and technology book, and the content is ready. The covers, store fronts, and marketing materials are under development.

The third book is still quite mysterious as it’s part of a marketing strategy. It’s a long-form novel that will also be published as an NFT eBook in April. We’re very excited about it, but we can’t disclose much about it at this time. Stay tuned for more details.

The Development of NFT eBook

The team plans to work with several authors and publishing houses this year to explore the potential of NFT eBooks. This will be a huge experiment for the Liker Land team to establish more use cases and showcase to the general public how NFT could potentially be the trend with this traditional industry. The team is excited about the upcoming books, with almost one book per month expected to be released this year.

In addition to NFT eBooks, the following two points were shared regarding product updates. Firstly, the team has finally developed the Writing NFT on their mobile app and is releasing a beta version for internal testing. Users will now be able to manage their NFT dashboard and buy Writing NFT directly through the Liker Land app. The official release of this feature is expected in April.

Secondly, the team is working towards improving the onboarding experience for Likers. They are focusing on improving the mobile experience for Writing NFT and day-to-day interactions with Liker Land. They aim to provide a more seamless user experience with the app and Liker Land.

The team also discussed the Web3Press WordPress plugin, which was launched a few months ago. They are experimenting with an exciting feature that allows authors to publish their NFT without paying any gas fee. This move is aimed at lowering the onboarding barrier for layman users. Users who download the plugin can publish their Writing NFT directly without going through the hurdles of exchanges or DEX. The team is still in the early stages of this feature and is not sure if it will be released in April. They will keep the community updated on any progress.

Future Events in Hong Kong

As mentioned earlier, we will have several more events in Hong Kong, and next week we will be at the Web3 Festival at Cyberport in Hong Kong. Phoebe will be speaking on behalf of the Cosmo session in the conference, and Liker Land will also be co-hosting the first Cosmo Meetup in Hong Kong. Many members of the Cosmos team, including validators and service providers, will be attending. You are welcome to drop by the events, and we will be giving out tickets to community members who are interested. If you are interested, please drop us a message by #open-a-ticket in Discord to our inbox, and we will follow up once we have more details on how to claim your tickets. This is the very first presence of the Cosmos community in Hong Kong, and we look forward to meeting you and connecting with others in the Cosmo space.

Cosmos Session in Web3 Festival

Proposals of Osmosis External Incentives, Tech SubDAO and Gas Fee

Moving on to AOB, there will be several proposals that we have been discussing, one of which is the proposal for external incentives on Osmosis, which is currently in the voting period. If you would like to learn more about the details of the proposal, you can check out the thread on proposal discussions that was sent in the chat room.

Regarding the Tech SubDAO, it has been a year since its formation, and we are looking for team members who would like to be involved. We suggest switching two members out of the three. If you are interested, please raise your hand and let’s talk on Discord. Additionally, Liker.Social will be submitting a proposal to receive a small grant to develop further features regarding NFTs.

Next, we discussed Leafwind’s proposal to raise the gas fee for minting ISCN and NFTs. William and kin shared some background information and context for the current gas fee and what it was used for. Leafwind couldn’t make it to the call, but William provided some background information. Leafwind had proposed to raise the fee by 100x, but this was not as terrible as it sounded. For example, if you transferred a thousand NFTs to others and used a few LIKE for a gas fee, it didn’t take much of your time. This fee was only for the ISCN module and did not involve uploading content to IPFS and Arweave. When sending an ISCN relayer message, there was an extra fee incurred by the module, which was currently very low. Leafwind had a target price in mind for when you uploaded an ISCN and how much LIKE should be charged. The proposal aimed to increase the fee to a reasonable amount when a user was minting ISCN and writing NFTs. If you wanted to understand more about how the calculation was done, you could take a look at the proposal discussion channel.

Updates from CDC regarding multisig wallet and Delegation Round 19

An update was provided on the CDC. A report had already been posted in the community call channels regarding the multisig wallet. 118 million had been transferred from the old CDC wallet to the new CDC wallet, resulting in a total of approximately 200 million LIKE on the new CDC wallet. It was confirmed that the wallet is now all set for the new CDC on 2023. Attendees were advised to check the updated record.

All four candidates in delegation round 19 had successfully received their delegation fund. This brought the total number of validators with delegation funds to 12, with 11 of them receiving normal delegation, 1 receive high delegation.

Improve the Monthly Community Call

Lastly, we wanted to improve our monthly call. Core builders and validators who were interested in providing insights or raising their concerns on issues could discuss them in this monthly talk. Phoebe had been hosting the call, and she didn’t mind hosting it every month, but we wanted to have a more clear structure and agenda for each month to be more effective with everyone’s time. If anyone had any comments or suggestions, please let Phoebe know in the chat so we could make the monthly call more fruitful for everyone who attended.