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Tweeting to the Space – Super Like x|LikeCoin Newsletter

Table of Contents

🔎In Focus: Tweeting to the Space

Super Like will make some changes in its latest upgrade: When users click the 6th like (Super Like) to an article, it will be posted to the decentralized social media Not only does this new function boost visibility of quality content, but also helps to keep the content on blockchain indefinitely.

Working Together to Build Web3 Content Universe is a decentralized social media in the LikeCoin ecosystem. Every tweet is a record on LikeCoin chain. No registration is needed for the sake of privacy. You can use it simply with your Keplr.

Creators need content curation tools and distribution channels. One of the conventional methods for promoting quality content is to share its hyperlink on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Liker Land brings in a brand new option: Readers can click and share the content to from any website which supports the LikeCoin button.

Mobile Version of

Currently, users need to use the desktop Keplr explorer plugin to access, as it cannot be accessed on a mobile device. As the mobile wallet of LikeCoin, Liker Land app may make tweeting on mobile possible once it is incorporated to There are however many technical obstacles ahead, and developers in the community are discussing on Discord. You are most welcome to join us.

We are still testing the new Super Like layout internally, and shall launch it within one month.

🛠LikeCoin Chain Upgrade

LikeCoin chain had been halted for 12 hours on 27th May from 18:23 UTC. Our gratitude to all validators and the community who helped solve the problems. You may learn more about the technical details from the incident report.


Changes in Liker ID Login Method

Keplr and Wallet Connect will become the main login methods. Even though email and social media login will still be available for quite some time, they will become alternative login methods eventually. If you still haven’t exported your seed words from Authcore, do follow the instructions from LikeCoin tutorial now and manage your LikeCoin wisely. Remember, Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins!

Managing LikeCoin with Cosmostation

Tweeting to the Space - Super Like x|LikeCoin Newsletter

Cosmostation is a browser extension of non-custodial multi-chain crypto-wallet for the Cosmos Interchain, Ethereum, ETH Layer 2, and EVM ecosystems. Users can export their seed words from Liker Land and import them to Cosmostation. Currently, also supports Cosmostation. Sneak Peek will launch a new version soon, which enables users:

  • To view community activity anytime
  • To submit proposals without CLI
  • To use Keplr, Cosmostation or Wallet Connect to connect all wallets

Oursky will provide testnet shortly. You can have a sneak peek of all the functions from this video.

Multisig Wallet

The community-developed tool enables users to create their own LikeCoin multisig wallet and sign directly from this website. You are very welcome to contribute to the open source and get your hands dirty!

🗳LikeCoin DAO Updates

Committee Updates

#Tech-SubDAO: We are preparing for the LikeCoin chain upgrade namely StarFerry, which will incorporate NFT functions. The upgrade should be complete in the second week of July. You can find more details from our June report.

#Community Delegation Committee: Together with the compounded staking rewards, the fund currently has 1205,189,495 LIKE, which have been allocated to 12 validators in the 12th round of delegation. You may learn more from CDC’s June report.

Creators Fund Committee: There were 599 Civic Likers in May, and the creators reward rose 14.7% from the previous month to 80,048 LIKE.

Tweeting to the Space - Super Like x|LikeCoin Newsletter

Passed Proposals

Proposal #47 – Deposit 20,000,000 LIKE to Tech Subdao multisig wallet
Tech SubDAO has been in operation for 3 months and is on track. However, the funding allocated after Proposal #45 is used up, due to the recent crypto tsunami which hit the exchange rate of LIKE to USD. Therefore Tech SubDAO has to request funding for the third time.

Proposal #48 – Renewal of Pool Incentives on Osmosis
It proposes to allocate 15,000,000 LIKE for Osmosis 553 LIKE/ATOM and 555 LIKE/OSMO pools. This aims to renew the Pool Incentive programme which was accepted in Proposal 37 and has just ended recently. This round of incentive programme will last for 120 days.

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