Discover the Impressive New Features of Keplr 2.0

Table of Contents

Discover the Impressive New Features of Keplr 2.0 – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202309

Table of Contents

Introduction of Keplr 2.0 stunning new features

Validator accounts managed using the Authz module

In the meeting, Oldcat shared his experiences and demonstrated the new interface of Keplr 2.0. Keplr 1.0, which has been discontinued, allows voting for proposals after connecting to the wallet. Keplr 2.0 introduces some new features, especially useful for validators and accounts managed by a few members or the community, enabled by the Authz module. LikeCoin also has the Authz module, allowing Keplr 2.0 to designate LikeCoin as the native chain for voting, not relying on the validator account. Oldcat emphasized using the Authz function in Keplr 2.0 for added safety instead of directly using the validator account.

Governance in Keplr 2.0

The Authz module itself is not new; it grants wallet features to certain individuals, enabling them to perform actions on behalf of other wallets. This feature allows setting a duration and functions, including deadlines for granting functions that can be terminated in the future. Functions can include voting, fund transfers, fund withdrawals, rewards withdrawals, and commission withdrawals. This capability becomes particularly valuable when different members have various roles in the community. Keplr 2.0 provides an interface to enable general accounts to perform Authz functions for the validator wallet, offering two ways to connect: using the URL or connecting to the grantee account. Once connected to the authorized account, you can click “Get Started” to access the validator voting pages. However, it’s important to note that you need to authorize it first. Oldcat explained that you can use CLI command-line transactions, and the command differs when connecting a validator account with a grantee account. After the connection, you can proceed with voting just like any ordinary account. For instance, Oldcat manages around 20 nodes with the same account, allowing him to perform all the voting using a single account, provided that every chain and validator has granted the grantee right for voting to that account. Oldcat concluded his presentation by inviting any attendees with questions or issues to reach out to him for further clarification or assistance.

Governance in Keplr 2.0

Keplr 2.0 announcement feature

kin also discussed the announcement feature within the Keplr 2.0 validator dashboard, which allows validators to communicate with their delegators via Keplr Dashboard. Although delegatorsh must have to utilize the Keplr Dashboard web interface to manage their assets and access the announcements, his feature represents a significant improvement, addressing a longstanding challenge faced by Cosmos and the broader Web3 community. It provides validators and projects with a means to effectively communicate with their delegators and users. Now, when validators have important messages for their delegators, they can conveniently post announcements on the Keplr Dashboard, offering a partial but valuable solution to this communication challenge.

Potential integration of Liker Land with Keplr mobile

Phoebe mentioned that Liker Land is working on establishing communication with the Keplr Team. They aim to explore the possibility of adding Liker Land to Keplr mobile within the app section. Users of Keplr mobile may have noticed the apps section, which aims to enhance the user experience when using LikeCoin on mobile devices. However, there have been some challenges related to app store issues. The teams are actively discussing ways to improve the user experience, particularly for Liker Land. This represents an opportunity for collaboration and improvement within the Keplr ecosystem.

Updates from Tech SubDao

kin provided an update on behalf of Tech Subdao. Over the past six months, there hasn’t been much activity, but she emphasized the need to share an update after this period of silence. Tech Subdao currently holds nearly a million LIKE tokens in its fund. During this time, they allocated approximately 2 million LIKE tokens as a subsidy to Liker.Social for their new NFT feature, and detailed records can be found in the provided link.

kin also mentioned the possibility of raising a proposal to request additional funds from the community pool to support the Keplr wallet. This is because native support by Keplr comes at a cost, and there have been negotiations with Keplr to receive a special discount discreetly. They aim to handle this payment through Tech Subdao to avoid publicly disclosing the discount. He indicated that more information on this matter would be shared later.

In terms of updates, Mintscan 2.0 and the Keplr web wallet have started supporting LikeCoin natively. Consequently, Tech Subdao decided to terminate the project, which was initiated last year and incurred significant expenses for development and maintenance. kin expressed gratitude to UD and Liker Land for their support in server, storage, and bandwidth resources over the past year. To reduce costs, they plan to rely on Mintscan and Keplr for wallet support.

kin concluded by encouraging anyone interested in joining Tech Subdao to step forward. They have been seeking new members as some of the current members have served for over a year, but no volunteers have come forward yet. Kin welcomed individuals to express their interest either by raising their hands or engaging in discussions on Discord.

Updates from Marketing SubDao

Phoebe provided an update regarding the Twitter Community management. She mentioned that the contract with Tiana, who previously managed the LikeCoin Twitter Community, has been successfully completed. As of now, there is no one officially responsible for running the Twitter account. Phoebe volunteered to assist with the Twitter activities for LikeCoin.

She also expressed interest in collaborating with individuals who have expertise in running Twitter accounts for marketing purposes. Phoebe encouraged those with relevant skills and interest to engage in discussions, emphasizing the potential for enhancing LikeCoin’s marketing efforts through effective Twitter management.

The newly revamped Liker Land Landing Page

Phoebe highlighted the recent updates and rebranding of Liker Land’s landing page. The rebranding aimed to create a more modern and user-friendly interface, making it easier for writers to understand the platform’s purpose. There were also updates to the call-to-action (CTA) elements to showcase the latest use cases, including social proof related to ebooks and articles.

One significant addition to the revamped platform was the introduction of the social feed. Phoebe explained that this feature allows users to view messages exchanged between readers and writers, providing valuable insights into interactions within the community. This feature was recently launched and can be explored in the “Plaza” section, enabling users to engage with other Liker Land activities and interact through messaging. Phoebe encouraged users to explore these updates and share their feedback.

WorldCamp Taiwan prescence

Phoebe mentioned that Liker Land is planning to have a presence at WorldCamp Taiwan in October. She expressed the hope of meeting some of the attendees at the event, as they are arranging to have a presence and work in Taiwan next month.

Proposal 69 – [Parameter Change] Update Inflation parameters

Leafwind talked about Proposal 69, which is currently in voting. The goal of this proposal is to align with the initial agreement to reach a 67% delegation ratio. Previously, when the delegation ratio was set at this level, the dynamic inflation rate ranged from 7 percent to 20 percent. However, as the delegation ratio has already surpassed 67%, the inflation rate reduction has been slow. The current proposal aims to rectify this situation by reducing the maximum inflation rate to 10 percent, which should help expedite the reduction. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to participate in the discussion in the Proposal Channel.

Phoebe also mentioned that Proposal 68 has some issues, resulting in two proposals currently in the voting period. To support Proposal 69, ensure you vote for it.

Constantly reviewing gas fee in Liker Land

Additionally, ongoing discussions related to gas fees, initiated by Mikasa, are addressing concerns in this area. Monthly updates on statistics related to gas fees and ISCN fees will be provided to the community to enhance monitoring. There will be a public document to record this data, and the Liker Land team will assist in finding specific data if requested by the community.

Phoebe expressed gratitude for the workload distribution among different teams, emphasizing its helpfulness. She encouraged everyone to explore Keplr 2.0 and concluded the meeting by thanking the participants, looking forward to the next month’s meeting.