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CDC Progress Update 2022.10.31

Table of Contents

Here are the latest statistics from the Community Delegation Committee:

Current Delegation Status

  • Funds 215,975,035 LIKE as of today.
  • As the term of year of CDC ended, operations to withdraw rewards were not performed.
  • Delegated Total is 113,547,826 LIKE from Round 17.
  • 99,997,507 LIKE is undelegating since the incentive program for 13 validators from Proposal 44 ended.
  • The delegation work for the November 2021-October 2022 CDC governed under Proposal 20 was officially ended.

Current Delegation Round: Round 17 ( October )

  • Delegated to 11 validator nodes, all are Normal Delegation
  • 3 applications from web34ever, maxfoton, AlxVoy but all are being rejected, reasons indicated in Discord.
  • If the community agrees to the formation of the new CDC for November 2022-October 2023, the delegation of the existing 11 nodes will continue till their delegation period ends. Otherwise the funds will be undelegate and returned to the community pool.


New formation of CDC for November 2022-October 2023 is on going, see Discord #apply-for-delegation channel for the latest.

For more details please refer to: