Fresh off 2024, Reviews technical tasks and unveils new book titles

Table of Contents

Fresh off 2024, Reviews technical tasks and unveils new book titles – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202401

Table of Contents

Meeting Notes

House rules of the community call

Phoebe delineated the house rules for the community call, emphasizing its regular occurrence every first Monday of the month. However, January 8 was an exception due to the New Year holiday on January 1, prompting a one-week shift to today for the January Community call. Typically, the call gathers the workgroup or core validators to exchange updates. Participants are encouraged to mark their calendars for the first Monday of each month.

Reviewing technical tasks managed by the Liker Land team

During the meeting, a review of technical tasks managed by the Liker Land team was undertaken. The team recognized that the current workflow documentation lacked clarity, making it challenging for others to contribute. To address this, the team has started sharing tasks operating on Notion. This page serves as a documentation hub for various tasks, including updates to the LikeCoin chain, SDK, new features, and reports such as the monthly gas report. The team aims to keep this Notion page updated, providing transparency into the team’s efforts, and welcomes feature requests through direct submissions.

David’s contribution to gatekeeping and documenting updates related to the LikeCoin chain was acknowledged as valuable. The team plans to maintain this documentation for better tracking of discussions and updates.

Gas fee report arrangement

Another significant task involved the automation of the gas fee report, initially generated with Wei’s assistance. A Discord bot has been developed, scheduled to start next month, providing automated reminders about gas usage and facilitating community decisions on LikeCoin‘s tokenomics. Further details on the Discord bot’s location will be communicated.

Liker Land bookstore is the focus

In terms of the Liker Land team’s focus, the bookstore remains a major priority. The team is actively updating book listings, with several new books anticipated, including one from early supporter Dung Kai Cheung. A collection edition of his book will be released, and users are encouraged to stay tuned for newsletter updates. Additionally, a new poetry book《》 has been freshly listed on Liker Land. The team aims to onboard more publishers, with Breakthrough 突破出版 officially joining Liker Land and listing a bestselling book 《城市散步學——以香港作為起點》. Marketing campaigns for this book are planned in the coming weeks.

To enhance visibility, the team is implementing various strategies. Physical posters have been delivered to bookstores in Hong Kong and Taiwan, showcasing the Liker Land logo. Efforts will continue, expanding touchpoints with the target audience, potentially through partnerships with coffee shops. The team also aims to grow its presence on Instagram for broader outreach.

Product features related to the bookstore are continuously rolling out, including collections, showcased in Dung Kai Cheung’s new book. Moreover, minor fixes and premium features for authors and publishers are being introduced in the NFT Book Press tool. Overall, the team is gearing up for an active and strategic year, focusing on marketing efforts and expanding its footprint.

Application of funds from Wamo Community

In today’s session, a special guest, Swift Evo, is present to share insights on the Wamo Community. Notably, Wamo is an active community on Matters, organizing engaging discussions and fostering community building across Southeast Asia. Swift, representing Wamo, is keen on sharing their activities and exploring potential collaborations with the LikeCoin community.

Swift details the recent WamoTopia event held in Thailand’s Chiang Mai in 2023. The decentralized event saw diverse contributors, including referees, contributors, dreamers, and supporters. Following its success, Wamo aims to organize WamoTopia outside of China, expanding its scope. The event is designed to be open, permissionless, and decentralized, supporting various topics. Swift highlights the diverse impact of the event, recording over 2,000 attendees and 82 different events over two weeks.

Wamo’s goal is to foster openness, mutual benefit, and collaboration. They aspire to co-create a framework for branding, Web3 technology, cultural and digital arts, and creative social action. The working team comprises over 18 members, with collaboration extending to 127 different communities and organizations.

Swift introduces the retrospective grant application for WamoTopia from the LikeCoin community. The application targets funding between 3,000 U and 5,000 U, with half contributed by StableCon and half by LikeCon. The proposal includes an AMA session to introduce Wamo to the LikeCoin community, integrating writing NFT techniques for article publication, and creating a hyper set for retrospective contribution. Fifty percent of the grant is designated for contributors, while the other half forms the WamoTopia Future Fund for future events.

The retrospective grant application details are available in the proposal shared in the chat. Swift also provides insights into Wamo’s plans for 2024. While specific details are being formulated, the focus is on reviewing the achievements of the current year and building funding to support future endeavors.

Swift’s presentation is well-supported with visuals, including the event agenda, attendance statistics, and feedback mechanisms. The discussion thread is open in Discord for further questions and engagement. Swift’s active involvement in various communities, including the LikeCoin community, is acknowledged and appreciated.

More from the community

In regard to additional matters requiring attention, the Creator’s Fund is anticipated to exhaust its resources very soon. Therefore, it is suggested to initiate discussions on this topic again.

Moreover, a report on the Community Delegation Fund is now accessible. Participants are encouraged to review the details provided in the report and address any queries or concerns.