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Expanding Horizons: New Book Listings, Enhanced Functionalities, and Broadened Engagement of Liker Land BookStore – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202402

Table of Contents

Meeting Notes, Slides

Notion board for Liker Land task update

During today’s meeting, we initiated some housekeeping matters, particularly for any new participants. This gathering marks our monthly Community call, scheduled for the first Monday of each month. It’s an occasion where we convene to share updates on the Chain itself, along with any application updates from the Liker Land team.

In the previous month, the Liker Land team initiated the practice of documenting the LikeCoin chain-related tasks on Notion. All participants are encouraged to access this dashboard for transparency and insight into our activities. During the last month, our focus primarily centered on addressing the gas fee issue that had been raised previously. Detailed information regarding this can be found on the Notion board. If you’re interested in delving deeper into topics such as the monthly gas fee report, this information will be shared in the community call chat channel. Any further actions resulting from the investigation can also be discussed in the validator channel. William is currently overseeing this task.

New book listings on Liker Land

New book listings on Liker Land

Several new book listings from last month were highlighted. One notable addition 小説 《》is a book by Dung Kai-cheung, a prominent supporter and heavy user of Liker Land. Members are encouraged to support his latest book, which is now available on Liker Land. Additionally, another book 《自作集 Autofiction》by Dung Kai-cheung will be listed on Liker Land next week, focusing on dialogue between characters. Interested individuals are invited to show their support upon its launch.

Furthermore, a poetry book《》authored by a unique writer 茨仁唯色 from Tibet was added to the listings last month. These new books are currently available for purchase on Liker Land, and members are encouraged to explore them. The momentum of adding more books to the bookstore listings will continue in the coming months, so members are encouraged to check back regularly and follow Liker Land on social media for updates on new book listings.

New features: Book collections and coupons

New features: Book collections and coupons

Updates on the publishing tools were discussed, primarily focusing on their functionality for publishers and writers. Feedback was gathered from core contributors and writers regarding their requirements for selling their books. An example highlighted from last month is Dung Kai-cheung’s book, which can now be purchased in collections. This new feature allows publishers who publish their NFT eBooks through the platform to release them in batches and collections.

Additionally, several new features geared towards enhancing the selling process will be rolled out in the coming months. These features may include options such as coupons. Members are encouraged to stay informed about updates to the publishing tools for further information on these developments.

Adoption for new form of engagement: Instagram

Updates were provided regarding several ongoing campaigns initiated since last week. It was announced that a major publisher 突破出版 in Hong Kong has been listed, and their books will gradually be added to Liker Land. Select books will be chosen to participate in campaigns aimed at engaging offline readers, enhancing the user experience by introducing paperback editions. Special campaigns will be launched to promote these initiatives, commencing this week.

Furthermore, a new campaign will be introduced to kick off the platform’s presence on Instagram. This social media platform will target a younger audience demographic, aiming to drive new traffic to the Liker Land website. The campaign will focus on visual content, supported by a design-driven approach to enhance the brand’s dynamic appeal. Members are encouraged to explore and engage with these new developments.

Organic traffic from native English authors

It was noted that there has been an encouraging development in the past month, with an increase in organic traffic from Keplr wallet users who are English authors. These authors have utilized the publishing tools independently to upload their books onto Liker Land. Interested individuals were encouraged to explore these new additions.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that there are ongoing efforts within the team to improve the availability of publishing tools for English users. Updates and improvements are being made to the login method on Liker Land to enhance user-friendliness. These initiatives are prioritized to improve the onboarding experience for both customers and writers. These tasks remain ongoing priorities for the Liker Land team.

Proposals need community attention

Several proposals were highlighted that require attention. The first one mentioned is the creators fund. Edmond was invited to provide further information on this matter. It was noted that the creators fund has been depleted again, and efforts are being made to obtain community consensus for resubmitting the proposal, which will fund projects for a few months.

Additionally, there was discussion about the Delegation Community update, had already shared a blog post in a separate channel dedicated to community calls. In Round 29, 10 validators were assigned delegations from the delegation funds. Those interested in becoming a new validator or applying for delegation can approach the delegation committee channel for further information.

Another proposal that has been pending for a month is from the WAMO Community. Clarifications are required regarding this proposal, and a thread has been initiated for discussions. Participants were encouraged to raise any questions they have in the thread for further deliberation.

A Twitter thread will be created for those who prefer a concise summary for the community call.