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ISCN Development Progress, Exciting Book Releases and Offline Events in Taipei – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202403

Table of Contents

Meeting Notes

House keeping and outlying the main theme of the meeting

The meeting commenced with an introduction to the March Community update for LikeCoin. Before delving into the agenda, some housekeeping matters were addressed. It was emphasized that this call occurs on the first Monday of every month at 10:30 GMT, or 6:30 in the Asia time zone. Operational tasks related to the LikeCoin chain are documented on Notion, primarily focusing on technical aspects such as potential chain upgrades or gas fee reporting.

The agenda for today’s meeting was divided into two parts. The first part focused on the progress of LikeCoin ISCN, particularly regarding the vision of content authenticity. The second part covered updates on Liker Land as a product, including new books and other developments. Finally, time was allocated for addressing any outstanding items raised by the community, providing an opportunity for members to share concerns or proposals. With the agenda set, the meeting officially commenced.

Updates regarding ISCN development: Content Authenticity Initiative, C2PA and much more

Content Authenticity Initiative

An update was provided regarding the progress of ISCN. ISCN was launched alongside the LikeCoin chain several years ago with the vision to promote a metadata framework for content authenticity. To date, over two million pieces of content are registered on the LikeCoin Network, including over 24,000 Writing NFTs, which also encompass book NFTs. ISCN now serves as a property rights layer for NFTs within the ecosystem, ensuring authenticity and ownership.

Recently, a new feature was deployed where an ISCN page is added to the ePub of a particular book. This not only enhances brand exposure but also serves potential verification purposes in the future.

The discussion then shifted to the rapid growth of content prevalence and authenticity in recent years, largely due to the adoption of AI technology. The Content Authenticity Initiative, an organization in which LikeCoin participates, is driving discussions around establishing an open industry standard for content authenticity. One such standard proposed is the C2PA, which is already being adopted by Adobe products and recently integrated into OpenAI’s AI-generated images.

Through collaborations with Project Starling, an experimental project has been initiated to explore the adoption of C2PA in video processing proof of concepts. While the project is ongoing, insights gained from this partnership may inform potential enhancements to the ISCN publishing process to incorporate C2PA elements.

Furthermore, it was announced that LikeCoin has been selected as one of the awardees of the Taiwan News Digital Transformation Project, funded by Google. This presents an opportunity to further explore how ISCN can be integrated into content authenticity initiatives.

Overall, these developments align with the team’s vision and direction for ISCN adoption, and feedback from the community is welcomed to brainstorm ideas and ensure alignment with community needs.

Liker Land Bookstore new product

The discussion moved on to the bookstore product. Due to limited resources within the Liker Land team, decisions must be made regarding the allocation of time and resources between exploring the C2PA with LikeCoin and continuing to operate Liker.Land as a bookstore and web3 publishing tool. This is an aspect that needs to be discussed further with the community.

Phoebe then provided updates on Liker Land. She mentioned the recent exciting addition of a new book by kin財富自由主義》announced at last week’s Taiwan Book Fair. Published by Nowhere Publishing, the book is currently available on Liker Land. However, due to its popularity, only three copies remain in stock, and these are offered at a 10% discount. Phoebe advised those interested to purchase it soon, as the next batch will likely be restocked later this month or in early April. She shared the link to the book in the chat room and encouraged attendees to explore the other books available on Liker Land.

Liker Land Team in Taipei

WordCamp Asia 2024 in Taipei
Liker Land 台北聚會 - 飛地見!

Several events were announced during the meeting to promote Liker Land’s tools and products. Firstly, the team will be participating in WordCamp Asia 2024 in Taiwan this week, and attendees were encouraged to visit their booth if they were present at the event. Additionally, the team plans to capitalize on their time in Taipei by hosting the first offline meetup of 2024 at the Nowhere Bookstore. Those interested in learning more about Web3 publishing or meeting with the team were invited to sign up for the meetup on Friday. Due to limited seating, attendees were encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. Phoebe mentioned that she would share the link to sign up in the chat room. She concluded her updates and opened the floor for any questions from the attendees.

AOB: $NUM swapping and Creators Fund Distribution

kin said that Numbers has been performing well recently. There was a suggestion to the community to consider swapping $NUM for $USDC to support community development efforts. This direction could potentially fund the exploration and adoption of C2PA in the LikeCoin ecosystem. It was suggested that this approach would be a fair way to fund the current scope of work, which could involve community members or others. It was mentioned that a proposal or discussion ground would need to be raised for this purpose.

It was also acknowledged that there were reports about the lack of creator fund in February affecting the distribution of LIKE, and the team is currently working on fixing this issue.