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Important! Secure Your LikeCoin Account with Two-Factor Authentication

Table of Contents

Hi community,

We have detected several attacker attempts to steal LikeCoin from users’ wallets. We encourage you to take a few steps to review your LikeCoin account security setting.

  1. Set up Liker ID two-factor authentication (2FA) is easy and helps validate users and protect against security breaches.
  2. Verify your Liker ID and confirm your email address in the setting. This can help us to inform you of unusual activity.

In addition to setting up 2FA, the following measures are also recommended:

  • Use a password of at least 10 digits.
  • Manage your password, such as using password management tools like LastPass, etc.
  • Check and secure your other login methods and authentication on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Quick links:

  1. Set up now
  2. Learn how to set 2FA to Liker ID

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