Table of Contents Revamp — the Creative Community is Always the Key

Table of Contents

The website of LikeCoin Foundation is revamped today to welcome a new stage of the project. The creative community is always the key, with the technology as the means. ; connects the three major elements: Creators, Readers, and Creative Works, together with the “red thread of fate” – the reinvented LikeButton.

Community is the Key

The creative community is always the key, with technology as a backup. The concept of LikeCoin comes down to earth eventually, following our previous elaboration about blockchain basics, LikeCoin protocol and execution plan.

That’s why the new homepage puts the four key index at the top: the number of backers, creators, contents and the LIKE rewarded, to let the community witness the evolving track of LikeCoin ecosystem.

LikeButton as the “Red Thread of Fate”

Clicking the LikeButton on the left redirects you to a briefing page. The participants were connected together by the LikeButton in the last 3 months. It is now supporting three platforms — WordPress-powered sites, Medium and oice visiual novel, covering over 30% of all Internet users. We are expecting more creators to join the ecosystem upon knowing about the LikeButton.

Content is the Medium also lists the latest creative works in the ecosystem. We encourage readers to browse the works in the authors’ websites directly, and facilitate interactions between writers and readers. We believe in an open-ecosystem instead of a closed-garden.

If you like a work, don’t forget to give some Likes so that the the author can earn LikeCoin as a reward. Revamp — the Creative Community is Always the Key

Register Now to Support Creativity

Register now to become a backer of the ecosystem. The “Likes” from a backer can bring much more LIKE than a visitor. If you are a creator, remember to call out your fans to register a LikeCoin ID and give you Likes. Let’s have a new content ecosystem built on an open, decentralized infrastructure.

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