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Reinventing the Like — Creativity is Mining

Table of Contents

LikeCoin Mining Beta1 will be launched on Medium first in coming August

A month ago, LikeCoin (LIKE) Foundation launched LikeCoin Widget for Medium. Writers have the first taste of getting LIKE as rewards besides claps. And in the coming August, LikeCoin will further reinvent the LikeCoin Widget into “LikeCoin Mining Beta1”, and let all writers on Medium enjoy rewards from the reinvented LikeButton.

Creativity is Mining

At this moment, getting LIKE from readers through LikeCoin Widget for Medium, it requires a direct contribution of LIKE from readers’ wallet in order to rewards writers. This is the ultimate goal for creating LikeCoin.

As told in the LikeCoin Whitepaper, LikeCoin will be using the Blockchain technology to improve how the rewarding system towards creativity in a ten-year timeline. And also to encourage readers directly to rewards LIKE to creators. Furthermore, to support the creativity and build a better environment for online creativity. LikeCoin will using a “Mining” mechanism to build a better eco-system and to encourage creators to create.

“Mining” is a win-win situation by using a rewards mechanism in order to encourage people for action with values by rewarding them with tokens. For example, Ethereum is rewarding ETH to miners that who are willing to use their devices with computational power to confirm transactions and smart contract, and write the result into Ethereum Blockchain. This mechanism call “Proof of Work”.

For LikeCoin, proposing “Proof of Creativity” as mining mechanism, through the reinvented LikeButton and LikeCoin’s unique LikeRank Algorithms. Using the predefined formula to distribute the assisged LIKE pool on a daily basis in order to rewards all creation participants. And this is not limited to text-only creations, but also, photos and music. The more citations, shares and likes a creation pieces get, the more LIKE will be rewarded to the creators in order to build the better eco-system.

“This is not a Proof of Creative, but a Proof of Creativity, the Algorithms cannot judges not best the creative are, but can determine how many creativity has been make” said by KinKo.

Experiencing the reinvented LikeButton by yourself

The mentioned Proof of Creativity is still under development, together with the LikeChain. But you are now have a taste on the reinvented LikeButton on Medium in coming August. The only step you need to do is the same as adding LikeCoin Widget for Medium. Type in the URL with your ID and press “Enter” after that to insert the LikeButton.

Reinventing the Like — Creativity is Mining
Adding LikeButton in a Medium Post

By adding the LikeButton in your Medium post in order to participate in LikeCoin Mining Beta1. If someone like your article through your LikeButton, and you will receive LIKE on the next day. The more like you get, the more LIKE you get.

LikeButton — Reinventing the Like

Reinventing the Like — Creativity is Mining
5 counts of Like is available in the LikeButton, and you can directly rewards LIKE if it is superb

Creators received rewards through the LikeButton, and also let readers to show support to the creators. By adding the new LikeButton, every reader can like the article for 5 times. Or if the reader found the article is superb, they are go for SuperLike by rewarding the creators by LIKE, what they need is simply drag the LikeButton towards right hand side.

Supporting Creativity

From the LikeCoin Widget for Medium and Mining Beta1 by new LikeButton, LikeCoin Team is trying our best for everyone to enjoy the reinvented creativity eco-system. Letting all creations getting the claps and also actual rewards. And if you are one the same page, please rewards your LIKE towards those creators you like.

Beta1 Tips:

  1. LikeButton is the Beta1 version, and there are limitations on Medium. You may found that after you like the article but it doesn’t show up on the LikeButton, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t like it.
  2. Make sure you have login to LikeCoin ID to like, this help creators rewards more LIKE.
  3. SuperLike are only available on Desktop with MetaMask Wallet.

(This article is translated by Dougo WONG. Million thanks!)