LikeCoin 2022 review

LikeCoin 2022 Yearly Review

LikeCoin community has been steering a steady course through choppy waters in 2022. Let’s have a brief review of what we have archived at the end of the year.

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A Telegram post from March shows a school classroom in Kharkiv strewn with debris. It was submitted to the ICC as evidence of a potential war crime by Starling Lab and its partners.

Preserving the History with Immutable Evidence | LikeCoin Updates

A photo from Telegram in March shows debris all over a school classroom in Kharkiv. Starling Lab and its partners submit this photo to the International Criminal Court as evidence of war crimes committed. 🔎In Focus: Project Starling LikeCoin has been working with Starling Lab in the past year to register important media metadata to

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2022-05-27 Chain Halt Incident Report

An 2022-05-27 ~02:23 in HKT (2022-05-26 18:23 in UTC time), LikeCoin chain halted at block height 4011379. The LikeCoin team together with Oursky team addressed the issue, made hot fix on the issue, and by the cooperation of the community, the chain resumed at around 18:01 (2022-05-27 10:01 in UTC time). This article is to

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Reimagining Writing NFT |LikeCoin Newsletter

🔎In Focus: Embedding NFT Marketplace in Creative Works NFT greatly contributes to the blockchain industry. Not only does it provide creators with bonuses of the era, but also foster distributed technology. Many people have hence opened wallets and tried out Web3. The abbreviation “NFT” is associated with many concepts, including ownership, uniqueness, content value, community,

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LikeCoin chain upgrade LaiChiKok

New LikeCoin address prefix “like” – FAQ

What is the advantage of using “like” as address prefix? Many Cosmos ecosystem applications, including Dapps or API rely on the prefix to identify which blockchain the address belongs to. Both Cosmos Hub and LikeCoin addresses start with the “cosmos” string therefore they cannot be easily distinguished and increases the difficulty for LikeCoin to integrate

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LikeCoin WordPress plugin

Publishing WordPress Articles to the Metaverse | LikeCoin Update

🔎In Focus: LikeCoin Bridges WordPress and Web3 The current hassle to publish articles as NFTs: Creators needed to find ways to save the contents and metadata on decentralized storage such as IPFS or blockchain, before selling them on the NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, they had to purchase several kinds of cryptocurrencies during the process. We have

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LikeCoin New Address Format: The Story of “like1” | LikeCoin Update

🔎Focus: Migration to like1 wallet prefix (with backward compatibility of cosmos1) The LikeCoin wallet address will soon be changed to like1 from cosmos1, and both formats will be supported. The development has been in the final stage. What is the story behind such move, and how Likers can benefit from it? It started with Cosmos

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