Enriching Liker Land with Project Gutenberg's Literary Treasures – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202311

Table of Contents

Enriching Liker Land with Project Gutenberg’s Literary Treasures – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202311

Table of Contents

Project Gutenberg initiative on Liker Land

The November Community Call lead by Phoebe from Liker Land was held to provide updates. The team has made significant progress since the previous month, primarily centered on their product development. Main areas of focus have been reaching out and listing ebooks with NFT elements, along with Project Gutenberg integration. Their top priority is to expand their book collection, making the platform more appealing to readers. Simultaneously, they are continuously enhancing their publishing tool. Project Gutenberg serves as a testing ground for refining this tool.

Notably, the self-publishing tool provided to publishers and writers has undergone significant improvements and is now almost ready for public use. The team is planning to release the self-publishing tool shortly. Moreover, they intend to offer workshops, which can be either in-person or online, to educate publishers and writers on how to utilize this tool effectively for publishing their books on Liker Land.

Additional information regarding the Project Gutenberg initiative is provided by Edmond. This project, initially launched by Project Gutenberg in collaboration with Microsoft and MIT, primarily focuses on open content. It utilizes Microsoft AI technology to convert approximately 5,000 books into audio books. The recent development is the registration of these 5,000 books on the LikeCoin chain. This move grants them a Web3 registry. Among these 5,000 books, 1,000 titles have already been published and are available for download on Liker Land. It’s important to highlight that, at this stage, the project is still in its conceptual phase, and no extensive promotion has taken place. This update serves as an introduction to the progress made, and the community is encouraged to explore the available resources. The potential for this initiative includes the establishment of a centralized registry for open content on the LikeCoin chain. This opens up possibilities for collaboration and further development within the community. There are also plans to incorporate more storytelling elements into the campaign. This approach aims not only to convey meaning but also to enable users to access and download classic ebooks with which they are already familiar. It’s perceived as an excellent campaign for reaching out to a wider audience and potentially attracting new users. Therefore, it is advised to stay tuned for additional stories and developments in the upcoming month.

New NFT eBooks and content in store

In the previous month, various types of content were introduced to the bookstore. This included a community newspaper 角醒1-15期合訂本, with one of them being listed just today, now available in the bookstore. There were also several Chinese novels, among them a self-published novel 上上下下左左右右-上行之詩品讀 and another self-published work 勇者的黃昏 Master Ip Man. For the latter, an effort was made to collaborate with a publisher for its inclusion. Two English novels Dracula and Frankenstein were added during the Halloween period, sourced from Project Gutenberg with slections.

Enriching Liker Land with Project Gutenberg's Literary Treasures – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202311

It’s noteworthy that Liker Land ran two or three free collect campaigns in which over 100 community members actively participated in the claiming process. The engagement rate for these campaigns has been remarkably high. The strategy moving forward includes conducting more of these campaigns. The goal extends beyond driving engagement; it aims to cultivate recurring engagement, encouraging readers to visit Liker Land’s website regularly. Moreover, anticipating the potential for increased sales after attracting these users to the website. This sums up the recent activities for Liker Land.

LikeCoin chain maintenance and future upgrade

The LikeCoin chain has been receiving support and maintenance, and preparation for the next chain upgrade, which is related to ibc6 and ibc7+0.47 is underway. Discussions will soon commence to determine the timing and the specific version for this upgrade. Validators should take note that a chain upgrade may occur by the end of this year. More details will be shared by William in the validator chat.

In addition to these activities, resources spent on maintaining the LikeCoin chain are being consolidated. This aims to provide transparency to the community regarding the allocation of resources for LikeCoin chain maintenance. Currently, these maintenance activities are primarily handled by the Liker Land team. However, the goal is to involve all participants and possibly gain support from the community. Notably, a significant portion of the costs is associated with hardware servers that are currently managed by Liker Land team. It’s essential to communicate to the community that this is done on behalf of the ecosystem.

New Osmosis USDC-LIKE Pool

There are token updates related to LikeCoin. Following the approval of the previous proposal, Osmosis pool 1242, which involves the USDC and LIKE pair, is now live on Osmosis. It’s recommended that the community considers providing liquidity to this pool. If you haven’t been informed about this, please ensure you review the details.

The Liker Land team have updated the LikeCoin chain gas fee data for the previous month, and this information is available in the spreadsheet. For those who are concerned about the gas consumption over the past month, please refer to the spreadsheet for details.

LikeCoin’s presence in Hong Kong Web3 events

Regarding LikeCoin’s branding presence, there have been a few regional events in Hong Kong. Specifically, at the Hong Kong Fintech Week, LikeCoin, is one of the ecosystem partners of RSS3 in Hong Kong. There was also a panel discussion on sovereignty blockchain at the Hong Kong Web3 month event. These events provided public visibility for LikeCoin in Hong Kong.

Additionally, inquiries have come in from community members about the possibility of LikeCoin’s presence at Taipei Blockchain Week. At present, this hasn’t been explored in detail. If anyone is well-versed in this event or associated organizations and plans to attend, please share the particulars so that potential involvement of LikeCoin can be considered.

Proposals on LikeCoin tokenomics optimization

kin highlighted some proposal discussions related to the optimization of LikeCoin’s tokenomics. These discussions have gained traction among validators and other community members. Leafwind, in particular, introduced two concrete proposals aimed at implementing these optimizations. The first, proposal 74, is currently in the deposit period and is close to reaching the 100,000 LikeCoin threshold required to enter the voting period. The second proposal, proposal 75, suggests raising the inflation rate cap to 7% as there’s a perception that the current rate reduction is too slow.

For community members interested in engaging with these discussions and learning more, kin shared that they can find further details in the mainnet validators or the proposal discussion thread on the Discord platform. To move these proposals to the voting period, additional deposits are needed for proposal 74 and 75. So, attention is required for the deposit process.

Twitter management updates

Phoebe expressed appreciation to Mikasa for initiating discussions regarding LikeCoin’s Twitter management Phoebe encouraged anyone interested in this conversation to reach out through the Marketing SubDAO channel.