LikeCoin chan upgrade, significant enhancements on NFT Book Press and partnership with bookstore – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202312

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chan upgrade, significant enhancements on NFT Book Press and bookstores collaboration – LikeCoin Community Call Minutes #202312

Table of Contents


Four proposals gained approval in November

In the preceding month, four proposals gained approval, with the first one standing out as particularly impactful; it pertains to the increase in gas prices (Proposal 74). This proposal, along with the now-fixed inflation rate at 7% (Proposal 75), has significant implications. Credits go to the discussion and proposal initiated by Leafwind for these positive developments.

Regarding the gas price increase proposal, the gas price has experienced a substantial surge, albeit not reaching the proposed 1,000 times increase. A new gas price analysis spreadsheet has been shared in the community meeting channel, offering a brief overview of the figures. Despite the observed increase of 100 times, which falls short of the proposal, further exploration of the data is necessary to identify any missing components or modifications to external wallets and services. Notably, there has been a noteworthy decline in transaction count, although detailed information is pending. For those interested in staying updated on the latest transaction status and gas prices, the latest gas price analytics report is available for reference.

It’s pertinent to bring to everyone’s attention that ongoing discussions within the community on Discord revolve around the lower bounds of the inflation rate. Following the fixation of the inflation rate at 7%, a subsequent proposal discussion has emerged, aiming to further decrease the inflation rate. Those with an interest in tokenomics discussions are encouraged to participate by joining the proposal discussion channel. Furthermore, users who have identified instances where the service they’re utilizing fails to adhere to the correct gas price of 10,000 Nano are invited to report such occurrences in the technical channel.

A resolution has been reached for the temporary sustenance of the Creator Fund, securing funding for an additional two months of operation (Proposal 76). Over this duration, considerations will be made to delineate the future trajectory of the Creator Fund.

LikeCoin chain v4.1.1 ChungKing+ Upgrade

Another pivotal proposal, successfully passed, pertains to a forthcoming chain upgrade 4.1.1, scheduled for Thursday at UTC 12:00 (Proposal 77). Validators are duly reminded of the necessity to execute an upgrade to Cosmovisor version 1.5. This upgrade is anticipated to be minor in scale, focusing primarily on advancing our IBC Go version. This preparation aligns with our proactive stance in anticipation of the impending significant update to Cosmos SDK. Validators are advised to be attentive to the chain upgrade scheduled for this week.

Latest Update from CDC

Status of Delegation Round 27 – CDC Progress Update (2023.12.04) was presented.

Liker Land collaborate with bookstores and community newsletters

For the Liker Land product update this month, collaboration has been initiated with various Hong Kong and Taiwan bookstores, as well as local contributors, facilitating the release of their publications through both digital and physical channels. An interactive poster, featuring a QR code and NFC functionality, has been crafted for engagement. If you chance upon one of our partner bookstores in Hong Kong or Taiwan, feel free to interact with our poster. Our latest release, “轉世 Revolution“, is now available, and you’re encouraged to explore and purchase it at LikerLand.

新書上架 New Book Listing

Additionally, partnerships are underway with local communities to bring forth their community newsletters onto Liker Land, serving as a decentralized platform for publication. Some of these newsletters are available at no cost (《馬聞》1-15期合訂本角醒1-15期合訂本), while others can be purchased (庭刊 – 創刊號). If you have an interest in community-driven news content, do take a moment to explore these offerings. Participation in the WeMedia Summit 2023, a physical event held on Dec 10 in Hong Kong, will focus on ePub and community newsletters too.

Significant enhancements on LikeCoin NFT Book Press

NFT Book Press (beta)

Significant enhancements have been made to LikeCoin NFT Book Press – the tools available for authors aiming to publish their ebooks on Liker Land. The updated UI and improved UX aim to empower publishers and authors to self-publish their books independently. These tools offer valuable features such as additional publisher options, listing boxes, shipping, inventory management, and affiliation channels. Authors interested in utilizing these tools are encouraged to reach out, and feedback on the tools is highly appreciated.

Collaboration is ongoing with traditional publishers and authors who often require assessment management control for their Liker Land books. While our default approach is open, welcoming everyone to publish in an open format, we also support the implementation of limitations or access controls if authors feel it adds an extra layer of security for their readers. Interested parties looking to release their own books are encouraged to get in touch for further details.

Liker ID in the form of ENS

Decentralized identity experimentation using ENS has been conducted, and users can now locate the system on ENS using This marks an attempt to transition the centralized Liker ID system onto a more decentralized Web3 native infrastructure. The team is eager to receive feedback on whether users find it beneficial for their Liker ID or LikeCoin use. For suggestions or inquiries about ENS development, individuals are encouraged to contact the team via the technical channel in Discord. Further details about the story of ENS Liker ID and decentralized identity can be found in the blog post.

Gitcoin Grand Round 19 Results

Gitcoin Grand Round 19 concluded last week with gratitude extended to everyone for their support. Participation involved two categories with over 100 contributors, totaling around 200 contributors in both categories. The team expresses thanks and commits to continued hard work, urging the community to maintain their support.

Community sharing: WordCamp Hong Kong, NFT Taipei and Taipei Blockchain Week

In community sharing and presentations over the past month, WordCamp Hong Kong 2023 was notable. A presentation 5年後還是新手 – WordPress Plugin開發大冒險 was given on the five years of maintaining the Liker Land or LikeCoin Web3Press Plugin, sharing insights into the challenges and experiences encountered. While there is no recording available at present, updates on this will be shared when available.

kin also represented LikeCoin and participated in NFT Taipei Panel: How to Create Digital Democracy Through Blockchain?, discussing the creation of digital democracy for blockchain.

Taipei Blockchain week - Dec 16th

Upcoming events related to Taipei Blockchain Week were highlighted. On December 9-10, Phoebe will discuss LIKE in the Funding the Commons presentation. There will also be a speaking slot in December 16 in Taipei Blockchain Week, focusing on media, narrative using depub, and there is also a women in tech panel. Community members interested in attending Taipei Blockchain Week can acquire free tickets through Liker Land while it lasts.

This concludes the product update from the Liker Land team. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all!