LikeCoin @ World Blockchain Conference (Singapore) July 17–18

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The World Blockchain Conference will be on of the largest and most high-profile blockchain event in Singapore. Held on July 17–18, gathering more than 1,000 Industry experts, leaders, innovators and professionals.

Our Keynote is scheduled on 18th July 15:00 (GMT+8) were LikeCoin co-founder Kin Ko will be the speaker, representing LikeCoin. The session is focused primarily on exploring the concept of “Reinventing the Like. Reward contents by Proof of Creativity

The 2-day conference will be located in Pan Pacific Singapore, home to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and hundreds of blockchain startups to showcase their pride. The conference will be a combination of Panel and Keynote events.

Join us at the conference. You can purchase the tickets here. If you ever bump into us, feel free to say “Hi!” & let’s have a conversation.

LikeCoin @ World Blockchain Conference (Singapore) July 17–18