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Liker.Social – Unleash the Power of Your toots with NFTs

Table of Contents

Liker.Social supports Publishing Writing NFT

Due to Liker.Social‘s emergency appeal, we revisited at the team’s operational announcement issued in May 2021 again and realized that this small paradise has been operating for nearly two years. With the support of the wancat and then the team’s continuous efforts, Liker.Social has grown to become the Mastodon instance with the second-highest traffic under the Mastodon official server.

Mastodon is a free and open-source decentralized distributed micro-blogging social network. Liker.Social is built on Mastodon.

Liker.Social is based on Mastodon
Liker.Social is based on Mastodon

However, in addition to sowing and cultivating, a good field also needs irrigation. In reality, operating costs cannot be earned solely through photosynthesis. The team’s request is also very humble: a monthly target of $100 would suffice. With thousands of users sharing the cost, each person would only need to pay a few cents.

Liker.Social is particularly worthy of strong support from Likers. It is the only Mastodon that supports tipping with Likes, and it has recently further supported the issuance of Writing NFTs. If we say that Liker.Social is the world’s first Mastodon that supports NFTs, it is not an exaggeration, and early users who have contributed to the platform’s growth can feel proud. Liker.Social is also a validator of the LikeCoin chain, participating in the review of proposals and voting.

Recently, Liker.Social upgraded to Mastodon 4.0, but encountered server performance issues and had to rely on delayed data processing to solve the problem, which affected the user experience. The team has been contributing to the community for two years. Do we really want them to worry about this issue and add to their burden? We call on Likers to subscribe to Liker.Social’s Patreon together to support the daily operating expenses of the server, so that they can continue to realize the goals set out in their announcement two years ago: to connect creators and readers, and to build a highly autonomous creative community and a diverse social network for creators.

Liker Social Supports minting Writing NFT

Liker.Social has supported the issuance of Writing NFTs. Readers can now collect NFTs of their favorite toots in addition to liking them. Liker.Social integrates the Writing NFT by using open-source code provided by the community. Any content platform can integrate it in the same way, and we hope to see more platforms that support Writing NFTs.

Each “toot” can be up to 500 characters in length. With a compelling visual, a toot can be transformed into a work of creative writing. Minting a toot as an NFT allows you to preserve the singular moment when your thoughts were first expressed, forever immortalizing your unique perspective.

The process of issuing Writing NFTs by authors is very simple. For detailed steps, please refer to the following tutorial video.

How to publish Writing NFT on Liker.Social (Mandarin)