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LikeCoin Mining Beta1 — Reader-driven mining. Mobile Supported.

Table of Contents

LikeCoin (LIKE) Foundation will assign over 3 million LIKE budget in the coming three months to realise the concept of Proof of Creativity (PoC) mining. After the success of the previous promotion campaign to Medium writers, LikeCoin Mining Beta1 starts today, and will distribute 10,000 LIKE everyday for 12 days from 6th Aug.

The debut of new LikeButton

Here is an introduction of the new LikeButton

  • Readers can “Like” an article for free or pay LIKE directly through the LikeButton. However, only the former is supported on mobile at this moment.
  • To include a LikeButton on Medium posts, first register a LikeCoin ID.
  • Assuming your LikeCoin ID is markzukerberg, your LikeButton link will be Note that the LikeButton link is different from LikeCoin Widget used in the previous campaign.
  • Just add the link to your Medium Post, usually at the end of the article, to make LikeButton appear. Do not forget to hit ENTER.
LikeCoin Mining Beta1 — Reader-driven mining. Mobile Supported.
new LikeButton
************************ LIKE vs Like ************************
To prevent confusion, let's distinguish between LIKE and Like:LIKE, all capital letter L-I-K-E, is the symbol for LikeCoin on crypto-exchanges, just like HKD stands for Hong Kong Dollar and TWD stands for New Taiwan Dollar. LIKE is exchangeable with fiat currency such as USD. For example, 100 LIKE stands for 100 LikeCoin.Like, with the capital letter L, stands for the Like a reader gives to a creative work. It is free for readers and will help the writer mine LIKE from the mining pool. Every user can Like the same article 5 times most. The Likes given by readers logged in with LikeCoin ID have a heavier weight than others.So, "giving Like" and "giving LIKE" mean differently. Make sure you do not mix them up. Giving Like is similar to like a post on Facebook or clap an article on Medium; while giving LIKE means giving out LIKE from one's wallet.

Campaign Enrollment

Let’s talk about enrollment of the campaign:

  • From Aug 2 2018, writers can start adding the new LikeButton to their Medium articles.
  • Publish and promote the articles in any communities and channels to attract Likes; then you are eligible for mining LIKE in this campaign.

LIKE Distribution

  • LIKE will distributed daily since Aug 6 2018. Total Like count from Aug 2–5 2018 for all participants will be calculated, and then 10,000 LIKE will distributed according to the Like count of each article.
  • From Aug 7–17, LikeCoin Foundation will distribute 10,000 LIKE every day according to the Like count of each article and the total Like count in the previous day.
  • There is no limit on the number of articles by each writer to participate the campaign each day. Let’s post more articles to get more Like!
  • Readers logged in to their LikeCoin ID help the article mine more LIKE.
  • Article of the Day, which get the most LIKE in the previous day, will be given 200 LIKE bonus reward. The article will also be promoted in LikeCoin social channels.
  • LikeCoin Foundation reserves all rights to interpret the terms of this campaign. If someone is found to abuse the system, the foundation may disqualify the user.

Promotion Channels Suggestion

Make your works discoverable and get more Like! Share your articles in:

  • Adding the tag Proof of Creativity in your Medium articles to help the community discover your works.
  • Internet Forums and Various Facebook groups
  • Your own Facebook Pages, blogs and channels

(This article is translated by Dougo WONG. Million thanks!)