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November Newsletter | LikeCoin chain 1st anniversary

Table of Contents

In November last year, the LikeCoin chain was born! We want to thank all validators and supporters like you who helped to grow the LikeCoin ecosystem!


How to participate? Stake your LIKE to earn rewards and vote for proposals! You may stake your LIKE via the Liker Land app or Big Dipper, LikeCoin block explorer if your LIKE is stored in Ledger.

LikeCoin chain Proposal #5 was passed on 2020.11.10, and inflation of LIKE is now raised to 2%. Forbole has suggested radical proposals on the development of LikeCoin, by hyperinflation and honer those who delegate their LIKE. The community is actively discussing the proposal.

November Newsletter | LikeCoin chain 1st anniversary

December Community Call

2020.12.07 (Mon) 1820–1900 (GMT +8) (Join here. In Chinese.)

Product Update

We have released the Liker Land portfolio page! This feature will allow you to build your fanbase, display, and monetize your work and favorite content in one dashboard.

For creators who have already installed LikeCoin button, visitors will land on the portfolio page when they click on the creators’ profile picture. The link to a creator’s portfolio is[Liker ID].

November Newsletter | LikeCoin chain 1st anniversary

Hiring a Junior Full Stack Developer

Are you interested in working on a meaningful blockchain project? We want to invite you to be part of our team!

We have a Discord Group for ongoing community discussions on our product. If you’d like to support our open source effort, do sponsor us on GitHub. 🙂

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