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Reinventing the Like beta 5 Campaign — one-minute registration

Table of Contents

From the Nov 19, for 19 days the LikeCoin Foundation will start the “Reinventing the Like beta 5” campaign. 180,000 LIKE will be gifted to creators on the first day (Nov 19) of the campaign, while 60,000 LIKE will be gifted daily on the subsequent days.

Starting from the last campaign, only readers who have registered with their LikeCoin ID who liked would have given the author the LikeCoin bonus. In the past, the registration process required one to install a crypto-wallet such as MetaMask or TrustWallet; but from the initiation of this campaign, readers can use a few simple verification methods, such as Facebook, Google, to register a LikeCoin ID on mobile. The registration process is greatly simplified.

Note: Creators still need to bind a crypto-wallet to LikeCoin ID in order to earn LikeCoin.

Mobile registration, easy and effortless

The new flow of registration will officially begin alongside the beta 5 campaign, on the 19th of November. Users can either use Google, Facebook or Twitter to register for a LikeCoin ID, or they could directly use a crypto-wallet. The registration process can be completed on mobile, readers can log in and give Likes on mobile, therefore giving back to the author.

Reinventing the Like beta 5 Campaign — one-minute registration
The new registration method provides three easy ways of registration

“Reinventing the Like“ — privileged for registered users

Within this campaign, even though readers who are not logged in with the LikeCoin ID can give likes for encouragement, but their Likes will not monetarily benefit the creator. Only the Likes of registered readers will be transformed into LikeCoin revenue.

A new feature is currently undergoing development, and this will allow the enthusiasts of the creator to more easily support the creation with actual monetary contributions. As a result, the need for users to register is only the first step. Nonetheless we still highly encourage readers to connect their accounts with a crypto-wallet, and directly donating LikeCoin to the creator for support.

As a call for action we highly recommend all creators to advise their readers to register for a LikeCoin ID and Liking to support your endeavours, and let’s create a community for “Reinventing the Like”.

Reinventing the Like beta 5 Campaign — one-minute registration
Unregistered users will notice a greyed-out like button. Register and Like now, and join our LikeCoin community!

Campaign Enrollment

Same as the previous campaign, enrollment is easy:

  • Writers can start adding the new LikeButton to their articles on Medium or WordPress now. Click here to learn how to install the LikeButton.
  • Publish and promote the articles in any communities and channels to attract Likes; then you are eligible for mining LIKE in this campaign.
Reinventing the Like beta 5 Campaign — one-minute registration
LikeButton — Readers click Like, Creators mine LIKE

LIKE Distribution

  • The LIKE distribution will start on the Nov 19. Total Likes count the number of Likes recieved and the Likes of each article from the Nov 9 to the Nov 18, and then 180,000 LIKE will be distributed according to the Like count of each article.
  • From the Nov 20 for consecutive 18 days, 60,000 LIKE will be distributed every day according to the Like count of each article and the total Like count in the previous day.
  • Only Likes given by the readers with a LikeCoin ID will be counted for creators’ LikeCoin reward.
  • There is no limit on the number of articles by each writer to participate the campaign each day. Let’s post more articles to get more Like!
  • Article of the Day, which get the most LIKE in the previous day, will be given 200 LIKE bonus reward. The article will also be promoted in LikeCoin social channels.
  • LikeCoin Foundation reserves all rights to interpret the terms of this campaign. If someone is found to abuse the system, the foundation may disqualify the user.

Tips for Earning More LIKE

The amount of LIKE mined is proportional to the number of Likes you can get from the readers who with LikeCoin ID registered. The promotion and exposure of your article is hence very important. You cannot earn any LIKE without exposure even with the best content.

Tips for earning more LIKE:

  • Personalised LikeButton Thumbnail Your brand is important. Let’s upload your picture and customised your display name on immediately so that your portrait can show up in the LikeButton.
  • Proper Featured Graphics Choose an attractive banner for your article can surely help the click rate especially when sharing on social media.
  • Call Out Feel free to call out your readers to register and give you Likes
  • Enhanced Search Adding the tag Proof of Creativity in your Medium articles to help the community discover your works.
  • Cross Promotion Bind your contacts such as Facebook page to your LikeCoin ID at so that your fans can more likely be notified by your news.
  • Keep on Sharing Share your works in whatever channels that you can think of. LikeCoin’s telegram group is a good choice of course.
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