Table of Contents

Tech subdao progress update 2022.07.04

Table of Contents

LikeCoin chain upgrade, by Oursky

  • v3.0.0 Starferry
  • Roadmap updates
    • To avoid long waiting, this release will upgrade to the cosmos-sdk version 0.45.6 instead of 0.46
    • There will have another upgrade proposal when cosmos-sdk 0.46 or later versions released
  • 2022 July W1
    • v3.0.0 upgrade to testnet – Block height 1505000, should be ~ 8 July 1200 UTC
    • Liker Land – aims to release the MVP of the NFT widget and conduct first round of beta test on testnet.
  • 2022 July W2
    • Liker Land – Raise Mainnet upgrade proposal
  • 2022 July W3
    • Mainnet upgrade upgrade, written by Oursky

  • Updates since last month:
    • Proposal features, Highlight that LikeCoin participants now can raise proposals on the website without the help of CLI
  • Known issues
    • Currently can’t see all proposals on mainnet, as the mainnet node pruned the historical data and we are now setting up an archival node to fix it. Syncing from 0 height take time.
    • The site is actively developing, you may see some unstable or incomplete features
  • Demo site
  • Upcoming
    • Will continue on validators and transactions features
    • Will prepare for open source and transfer to likecoin repo to allow everyone to contribute to the DAO website
    • You may visit the current repo for a preview(Please note that this is not the official open source repo, we will transfer the repo to likecoin after stabilised):


  • bookkeeping always publicly available at (pinned in #techsubdao of Discord):
  • Finished the 20,000,000 LIKE from Community Pool in 6 weeks (HKD40,000 account payable)
  • Average 3,300,000 LIKE per week, for 2 dev from OurSky
  • To lower the impact on Community Pool and LIKE market price, trimmed down to 1 dev from OurSky since July.
  • With the latest LIKE market price, it will cost about 2,000,000 LIKE per week.
  • Shall raise Community Pool spend proposal of 20,000,000 LIKE to Tech Subdao same as before, but may hopefully last longer with the lowered dev headcount.
  • Hope the community can understand that we must continue to build during the bear market. We can only spend wisely and minimize wastage, if any.