LikeCoin StarFerry chain upgrade

Table of Contents

LikeCoin Chain NFT Module Upgrade, StarFerry Overview

Table of Contents

The long-awaited NFT module will be the spotlight in the StarFerry upgrade. This upgrade features the nft module, and nft-related services, such as nft minting, blind box, and marketplace chain API.

LikeCoin Chain NFT Module Upgrade, StarFerry Overview

StarFerry is an iconic transport and symbol in Hong Kong that represented the cultural and historical value of many people. For over 120 years, the city has changed but the ferries themselves have barely changed. StarFerry created a lot of “non-fungible” memories for people in the city. StarFerry as the oldest keeper of the city, we look forward to bringing along the NFT feature in the StarFerry upgrade, to truly own, record, and preserve the past and future of human history on the LikeCoin chain.

What’s included in the StarFerry upgrade?

  • x/nft and x/likenft module. A module that utilizes Cosmos SDK’s x/nft and extends x/iscn to enable users to create NFT Classes and mint NFTs under an ISCN record or an account.
  • NFT minting base on ISCN. Users can mint NFTs from their ISCN (metadata) record.
  • NFT marketplace chain API. This module provides blind box release and basic marketplace features for users to purchase and trade NFTs with LikeCoin.
  • Upgrade cosmos-sdk to 0.45.6
  • Upgrade ibc-go to 2.3.0

Getting prepared for the upgrade

All nodes are recommended to have at least 32GB of memory plus an extra swap for buffer. It can be a mixture of 16GB of RAM and 16GB+ of the swap, or all 32GB of physical memory plus swap. Not enough memory would result in corrupted data during the upgrade.

Node operators are advised to use Cosmovisor, please refer to the following guides for setup and upgrade procedure.

Setup guide:

Technical document:

All nodes will require 64GB of memory. This must consist of a minimum of 32GB of RAM, while the remaining 32GB can be swapped. For best results, use 64GB of physical memory.

Details of the upgrade time

The proposal targets the upgrade proposal block to be 4,810,000, anticipated to be on Thursday, July 21st, around UTC 11:00 AM. Note that block times have high variance, so keep monitoring the time.

The upgrade is anticipated to take approx 60 minutes, during the upgrade, there will not be any on-chain activity on the network.

Please make sure you have the setup ready before the upgrade time, you can find help in our Discord #mainnet-validator channel.

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