Liker Land turn stories into collectibles with NFT Book

Table of Contents

Liker Land turn stories into collectibles with NFT eBook

Table of Contents

Liker Land NFT eBooks (eBook with NFT as proof of ownership) have flourished since the first experiment with Moneyverse by kin ko, which sold 1,024 copies, 943 readers, 18 cities, and 21 distribution channels in 34 days with a total revenue of US$10,138. In this experiment, kin primarily sold his book from his website. Liker Land is the publishing infrastructure provider and the bookstore front that offers fans buy, sell, and trade the collectibles NFT eBooks with fellow enthusiasts.

In the past few months, there are more authors on-boarded to Liker Land, including Nowhere Publishing, to promote the digital publication of out-of-print classics. From an industry perspective, they aim to explore new publishing models that allow writers, editors, designers, bookstores, KOL channels, and readers to achieve mutual benefits and coexistence based on clear ownership.

NFT eBook | Kai-Cheung, Dung – Heavenly Creations, Lifelike

In 2023, NFT and the imaginative worlds of literature finally coincide.

Nowhere Publishing published the classic masterpiece of Hong Kong novelist, Dung Kai-Cheung, where he invites you to enter the imaginative world together – to look back at the history of Hong Kong carried by old objects and to experience creation in the imaginary word factory.

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