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At WordCamp Asia 2023, Web3Press made its grand debut | LikeCoin Update

Table of Contents

⏰Recent Events

Web3Press at WordCamp Asia 2023

Web3Press embarked on a new journey during the three-day WordCamp Asia 2023 in Bangkok. WordPress users, enthusiasts, and like-minded partners gathered at this regional WordPress event to exchange ideas and learn from one another. Web3Press was one of the few exhibiting teams at the conference with a focus on Web3 technology.

From February 17 to 19, Web3Press successfully caught the attention of many WordPress users during the vibrant WordCamp Asia 2023. The team prepared a demo video to explain the concept of Web3Press to curious users: “Web3 is the new standard for the internet. After installing the Web3Press WordPress plugin, every WordPress article can be published as an NFT, allowing authors to sell their articles directly to supporters, without relying solely on advertising and paywalls for revenue.” At the exhibition, online interactions and on-site speeches intertwined, and founder Matt even appeared in real-time on the big screen to interact with the community, creating a lively atmosphere throughout the exhibition.

Web3Press aims to bring the concept of decentralized publishing to more WordPress users. As one of the guest speakers at the event, kin shared how he published NFTs of his work using his WordPress blog, creating a new business model that allowed many users to understand the concept and implementation process of decentralized publishing. kin also wrote a review article afterwards, detailing the exciting moments of the event and the gains he received.

In addition, the organizers and volunteers of the event also arranged welcome dinner and after-party, providing more opportunities for participants to communicate with other WordPress users. In this event, under the passionate and charming urban night sky, the WordPress community spent an unforgettable evening together, and the friendships built will be an important foundation for future collaborations.

We hope that this trip can promote Web3Press, LikeCoin, and decentralized publishing to more WordPress users.

Web3Press debuted at WordCamp Asia 2023 to bridge WordPress users and the Web3 world.
Web3Press debuted at WordCamp Asia 2023 to bridge WordPress users and the Web3 world.

[Creators Chat Room] Leafwind “Creation is Life.”

Leafwind, one of the early supporters and validators of LikeCoin, shares his philosophy of creation with everyone.

Topic: Creation is Life (Mandarin)
Date: March 1st, 21:00 (GMT+8)
Guest: Leafwind
Venue: LikeCoin Discord (online).

If this is your first time using Discord, please refer to the video tutorial to register an account.

[Creators Chat Room] Leafwind "Creation is Life."

✍️Writing NFT Updates

  • Notification Function: Your NFT gifting and collecting records will be clear at a glance, and you can view messages from collectors and continue to interact with them. Buying and collecting will no longer be one-way.
Liker Land Notification Function
  • AI-generated Cover, Title, and Description Editing: When publishing a Writing NFT, you can use AI to generate a unique NFT cover image by simply clicking on “✏️” and then “🎲”. Alternatively, you can upload or modify an existing image as usual by clicking “📁”. Additionally, you can adjust the NFT title and description by clicking “✏️” during the preview.

📰LikeCoin DAO Updates

Proposals Under Voting

Proposal 60 is an additional budget request of 1.2 million LIKE for the next three months of the Creation Fund, which is the same as the previous Proposal 58.

The Creation Fund Committee (CFC) established in Proposal 23 also provided an update on the current state of the Creation Fund (February 2022 – January 2023). The report mentioned that the CFC has been operating for 13 months. Although there are no strict term limits, now is a good time to review the structure and propose reforms, and discussions are welcome on the #creators-fund channel on LikeCoin Discord.

Deposit Stage Proposal

Proposal 61 aims to add 1,000,000 LIKE funds for the website, allowing users to burn LikeCoin ERC-20 tokens and convert them into $LIKE on the LikeCoin chain.

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