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Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)

Table of Contents

After the Writing NFT beta was launched on August 1st, iteration of functionalities were on going.

Please find the highlights of this month’s update.

Improving the collection process is a top priority

Users can now collect NFT on the Feature page, Liker.Land’s portfolio, and the Writing NFT detail page. At the current moment most of the traffic for NFT purchases comes from the Writing NFT detail page. The usage scenario is that users can share the link to the Writing NFT detail page through any medium, such as social media, instant messenger, or email. e.g. Click this link and go directly to the Writing NFT details page. The task of improving the user interface of this page is on priority.

This month’s updates to the NFT detail page include:

  • Display sales information, improve OG thumbnails and information display, etc.
  • Fix the UI exception when displaying Writing NFT on mobile.
  • Error messages that can be easily understand
  • Share Button
Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)
Improve Writing NFT’s OG thumbnails to become attractive when sharing on social media!
Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)
Designs that encourage users to share

At the beginning the page did not have the function of connecting the wallet, but it was being added later on. After connecting to the wallet, users can view the wallet balance, go to the My Dashboard page to check out their collections and works, and take a look at the status of Civic Liker and change the user settings.

Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)
Connect to wallet to view your own works and collections

Writing NFT transfer function

Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)

The Writing NFT transfer function is available now. This feature enriches the use case scenario of Writing NFT. Not only is writing NFT to be meaningful to you, it can also be sent as a gift to your friends as some words may have special meaning to them. In the past we used to print out the words as a gift, but now Writing NFT makes it more decent.

Secondary market profit sharing mechanism

The function of secondary market trading is not yet complete, but the initial function has been implemented in the first transaction. When the NFT transfer function is completely developed, the profit will be distributed according to this mechanism.

The current distribution method is:

  • Platform fee 2.5% (charged by Liker Land)
  • Stakeholders 10% (the ISCN owner defines who is the stakeholder of the content)
  • Seller 87.5%

The most representative case of this month is Chung To‘s《財科暗戰序》Writing NFT. 10% of the revenue from each transaction will be distributed to 7 stakeholders.

This mechanism is still under experiment and will likely be modified in the future.

Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)
10% of the revenue from《財科暗戰序》Writing NFT will be distributed to 7 stakeholders.

Compatible with more website content

This month we try to publish WordPress ( ), Substack ( 區塊勢 ) and any platform ( personal websites of Chung To and Pazu ) as Writing NFTs. We also tried to publish Patreon articles as NFT but failed.

We are also experimenting with articles on Matters and Medium. As the Matters article is already supporting ISCN, it is confirmed that the articles on Matters can be successfully published as Writing NFT; the experiment on the Medium article is expected to have an outcome next month.

LikeCoin Writing NFT is open to integrate with any writing platforms, and hopes to support more different websites in the future.

Other tools about Writing NFT

Writing NFT Development Progress Update (August 31)
感謝 wancat 幫忙開發的 NFT Dashboard

Although the transaction of Writing NFT is public on chain data, it is difficult for users to check them out without user interface tools. Thanks to wancat for helping to develop an NFT Dashboard widget to view data such as leaderboards, social relationship, transaction volume, etc. This tool is an open source project, anyone is welcome to develop and improve it together.

In addition, wancat has also developed an ISCN browser. In addition to browsing ISCN records, this tool can also be used to modify ISCN records, with functions such as modifying stakeholder information or transferring ISCN ownership.

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