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Creators Fund Status Review (Feb – Oct 2022)

Table of Contents

Below are the statistics of Creators Fund distribution and related Civic Liker operation in the past 8 months, since 21 Feb to 31 Oct 2022.

Civic Liker Node

Total stake = 9,183,358 LIKE (up to 2 Nov 2022), has increased by 120% comparing with 4,176,896 LIKE on 7 Mar 2022 when Civic Liker Web3 started.

Civic Liker number

Total number of Civic Liker is 679 (up to 31 Oct 2022).

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

Current delegation distribution insights:

  • despite those users who have not yet reached the 5000 LIKE minimum threshold
DelegationJun 2022Oct 2022
5000-9999 LIKE82.1%81.19%
10,000-24,999 LIKE13.8%14%
25,000-49.999 LIKE2.1%2.26%
50,000-99,999 LIKE0.5%0.71%
100,000 LIKE1.5%1.5%
Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

The chart below is for all delegators including those not yet reached 5000 LIKE threshold (thanks to baoshin).

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

Reward Generated

Reward generated by Civic Liker in Oct is 142991 LIKE, and 857,298 LIKE in total since day one.

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

Civic Liker Account Balance

71.8% of Civic Liker has more than 100 LIKE unused balance in their account. Consider the dropping trend of active users below, indicating that the fund for rewarding creativity can be better utilised.

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

MAU of Civic Liker is decreasing since Mar 2022.

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

Funded Creators

Total 13,847 creators have been rewarded by Creators Fund since Feb, maximum funded amount 63651 LIKE for a single creator, 149 creators have got more than 5000 LIKE.

Creators Fund Released (per user domain, top 12)

Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)
Creators Fund Status Review (Feb - Oct 2022)

69.9% of the Creators Fund went to 10,562 Matters wallets, 22.7% went to 498 Liker.Social wallets, 2.81% went to 1317 wallets.


30 out of 1,000 Likers have allocated 38% (1,205,000 LIKE) of the Creators Fund.

Insights and Suggestions

All of the comments on Jun 2022 report are still valid. Although the Civic Liker community has been presenting a slow organic growth in terms of staking amount and user numbers, enhancement has not been carried out much in the past 3 months. The reason may due to the launch of Writing NFT in Aug 2022, which becomes the main focus of the community and a new way of monetization for creators economy. The CTA of Liker Land product directs to this new initiative but not Civic Liker.

It may be worthy to explore the possibility of leveraging current Civic Likers momentum and unused resources to fuel the Writing NFT market, for instance, spending the unused Civic Liker budget for buying Writing NFT.

Tenure of CFC

The Creators Fund Committee (CFC) has been operating for 10 months since Dec 2021. Although there is not a strict tenure stated, it is a good time to review the structure and raise a proposal for changes if needed.

This report is delivered by Edmond Yu, committee member of Creators Fund Committee (CFC) established base on proposal 23.

Reference: Creators Fund Status Review (Feb – Jun 2022)

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