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Web3Press – Bridging Websites to Web3

Table of Contents

Ahead of the biggest WordPress event of the year – WordCamp Asia, we are thrilled to announce that the Web3Press plugin is officially launched! Web3Press is a stand-alone product to especially serve WordPress users, which dominates 43.1% of all websites globally. Our long-term goal is to bridge the gap between all websites built on WordPress to unlock web3 features.

Web3Press publishes content to the blockchain, ensuring everyone can read, own, create, and verify public content integrity freely with a creative business model. And the seamless plugin user interface will allow users to write as usual but publish differently. 

Web3Press Booth
Meet us if you are at WordCamp!

kin’ sharing how he makes a living with writing nft on his WordPress Blog

Tune in on the 18th Feb at 11:40 AM. Join the online streaming with kin’ sharing how he makes a living with writing nft on his WordPress Blog.

What can Web3Press do?

Sell your posts

Web3Press - Bridging Websites to Web3

Readers were drawn to you because of your ideas. Your readers buy your posts because they love your words. Web3Press helps you to productize your posts as NFTs. Let readers support you by buying your posts while reading.

Showcase your readership and authorship

“You are what you read.” Share your portfolio with the valuable NFT articles that you collected.

Build Community

You can identify who bought your NFTs with on-chain data. You can connect with your fans by sending NFT gifts with warm greetings. You can also customize interactions according to the user data on-chain.

Preserve Content

Register metadata (ISCN) on the LikeCoin chain, store content on the decentralized file system (IPFS and Arweave), and backup on Internet Archive, all in one plugin.