LikeCoin 2022 review

Table of Contents

LikeCoin 2022 Yearly Review

Table of Contents

LikeCoin community has been steering a steady course through choppy waters in 2022. Let’s have a brief review of what we have archived at the end of the year.

Civic Liker Web3 Launched

Civic Liker Web3

Civic Liker movement has enter the Web3 era on Feb 21. Users can get the membership by delegating 5,000 LikeCoin to “Civic Liker Node” and the stake-reward generated will be distributed to creators via the LikeCoin button. Liker Land has suspended credit card payment support due to regulatory risk.

Numbers Protocol x LikeCoin

Number Protocol partnered with LikeCoin to realize the decentralize publishing with authenticity on Feb 18. Users can register ISCN by Capture App directly.

LikeCoin Airdrop

LikeCoin airdrop

During Feb 21 – Aug 22, in totally 182 days 50 million LikeCoin has been dropped to eligible addresses including Civic Likers, ATOM/OSMO holders, delegators and LP providers. Eligible users need to complete 4 missions to learn the project’s basics and to participate in governance in order to get the airdrop. We expect to promote LikeCoin to more crypto users by this campaign.

Multi-chain Wallet and Block Explorer: Cosmostation, Leap and Mintscan


Users can export seed words from Liker Land app (A custodial wallet) so to migrate to other non-custodial substitution such as Keplr, Cosmostation and Leap for transferring, delegating and voting.

Mintscan, a popular block explorer in Cosmos ecosystem, also supports LikeCoin.

LikeCoin chain upgrade

LikeCoin chain StarFerry upgrade

LikeCoin chain has completed two upgrades in 2022:

LaiChiKok Upgrade

May 4: LikeCoin chain upgraded to version “LaiChiKok“, which is the fifth upgrade of LikeCoin chain. It is also the first time to use Cosmovisor for automatic upgrades. LikeCoin wallet address is changed to “like1” in LaiChiKok, and Cosmos-SDK 0.44.8 and ibc-go 2.1.0 were supported.

LikeCoin address changed from “cosmos” prefix to “like” prefix with backward compatibility can speed up the integration of LikeCoin with other applications in Cosmos ecosystem such as Cosmostation, Mintscan, Keplr, etc.

StarFerry Upgrade

July 21: LikeCoin chain upgraded to version “StarFerry“, supporting NFT modules for the functions like NFT minting, blind-box and NFT marketplace chain API. This upgrade lays the necessary foundation for the Writing NFT application which to be launched later in August.

Preservation of Historical Evidence of the Russo-Ukrainian War

June 10: LikeCoin, as one of the partners of Project Starling, has established a digital evidence preservation platform to submit the first of many compilation materials to the ICC, International Criminal Court, documenting the war crimes happened at 5 schools during Russia’s invasion of Kharkov in Ukraine . This is the first time to use cryptography, decentralized storage and blockchain to protect evidence for court.

Writing NFT Launch

Writing NFT gem

Writing NFT beta is Launched on Aug 1, and the following features are rolled out step-by-step in the following 4 months:

NFT eBook Experiment

NFT eBook Experiment

Besides Writing NFT, Liker Land also supports other NFT types such as “NFT eBook“. In October, ckxpress conducted an experiment of his new NFT eBook 《所謂「我不投資」,就是 all in 在法定貨幣》. Participants not only receive the eBook file in epub and pdf format, but also get the “NFT eBook” with author’s signature, which can be shared on Liker Land’s NFT eBookshelf for display.

ckxpress released the quantitative analysis of the above decentralized publishing experiment for future reference.


IPFS Camp 2022

We organized several author’s chatroom on LikeCoin Discord and participated in many events in 2022, some of them are listed below. For more interviews, please refer to the media reports.

LikeCoin Author’s Chatroom

LikeCoin Author's Chatroom